Cruise on the bay tour and the latest Ha Long cruise fare

Ha Long Bay is famous for its cool blue sea and majestic natural scenery. Visiting Ha Long Bay by yacht is always the first choice. Here we will suggest some overnight cruises on the bay with Ha Long cruise fare for your reference to choose the right itinerary.

Emeraude Cruise 5-star class

Choosing Emeraude Cruise, you will enjoy an attractive trip combining luxury yachts and seaplanes. A tour on this cruise includes room rates, onboard food and a unique and exciting seaplane flight to the bay. Emeraude Cruise has a luxurious and classy design with premium food.

Emeraude Cruise

The restaurant menu on board is a harmonious blend of Vietnamese and European cuisine. A special feature of Emeraude Cruise is that there is a cooking class on board. At night, the cruise ship will show a famous French movie called “Indochine”. This movie has some scenes shot in Ha Long. Choosing Emeraude Cruise will be the best gift you can give yourself after a tiring working day.

To discover all the beauties of Ha Long Bay, people often choose a 2 day 1 night cruise. The reference price of Emeraude Cruise is 2,390,000/cabin/day. Ha Long cruise tickets here are quite reasonable compared to the quality and service it brings. This price may change from time to time.

Cheap Halong Bay Cruise – Cristina Diamond

Depending on economic conditions, visitors can choose the appropriate type of yacht. Cristina Diamond is a mid-range yacht with an affordable price tag. This yacht is suitable for many types of tourists. Each cabin is designed with a spacious area and has a private balcony. The cuisine on the boat is also highly appreciated along with the professional service.

Cristina Diamond Cruise

On Cristina Diamond Cruise, you will discover the beauty of Vung Vieng fishing village. Sunbathing on the comfortable and attractive Ban Chan beach. At night, you can participate in many interesting entertainment activities such as karaoke, night squid fishing with fishermen.

The attraction of this itinerary is that it includes both a Vietnamese cooking class and a Tai Chi class. There are also classes in shaping and sculpting fruit. Cristina Diamond will bring passengers a luxurious journey. Cruise ticket Ha Long – Cristina Diamond from only 1,462,000 VND.

Cruise on HaLong Bay Party Cruise

HaLong Bay Party Cruise is one of the travel agencies providing cruise services with the cheapest price today. True to the name of the yacht, the highlight of the cruise is the sunset party held on the deck.

Cruises on HaLong Bay Party Cruise will take visitors to traditional attractions just like other cruises. However, the difference of HaLong Bay Party Cruise is that it brings visitors a new wind of bustle and fun. This yacht is currently the choice of many young people, singles or backpackers who want to meet and get to know more friends. Ticket price for Ha Long – HaLong Bay Party Cruise from 2,452,500 includes meals.

HaLong Bay Party Cruise 

How to choose the right itinerary for your budget

Each passenger will have different economic conditions. Therefore, before choosing to rent a yacht, you should also consider financial issues.

There is a full range of yachts from budget to luxury. You should refer to Ha Long cruise ticket prices on websites. Or contact the shipping lines directly to ask for details about prices and accompanying services. Then consider your pocket and choose the most suitable yacht.

If you are planning to book a yacht to visit Ha Long, you can contact to book early. Avoid out of stock and peak season. Cruises will usually start their journey early in the morning. If you come from the night before, you should also book a hotel to rest.

White Crown Hotel is a quality, cheap hotel that is close to the harbour. You can move easily to the pier to board the yacht. Room prices here range from 500,000 – 1,000,000 depending on the type of room and different time.

White Crown Hotel Ha Long 

Hotel address: House number 11, lane 17 Anh Dao street, Bai Chay ward, Ha Long city.

Above are our shares about the night tour on the bay and the Ha Long cruise fare for each specific type of yacht. Hope this information will be useful for your trip. Thank you for taking the time to read our article.

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