Cruise to Ha Long: Places to visit and food

Visitors to the coastal city of Ha Long often wonder where to visit and what to eat. All these questions will be answered in the article below. Stay tuned for more experiences before planning your Ha Long tour!

What is the cruise to Ha Long?

A cruise to Ha Long is a trip to Ha Long for all visitors. Ha Long is a city with rapid development and is located in the center of Quang Ninh province. South of this city is the natural wonder of the world Ha Long Bay with a coastline of 50km.


Beautiful coastal city Ha Long 

This is one of the largest coastal tourist cities in the North. It is also an important traffic hub of the Northern region with the uniform development of waterway, road, air, and railway traffic.

Transportation to Ha Long

Transportation is a factor that you need to keep in mind. Depending on the area you are living in, you can choose different means of transport.

If you are in the northern provinces, you can choose to go by motorbike, private car, train or bus. Those who are living in the southern region or some central cities can travel by plane.

+ From Hanoi to Ha Long, the road will take about 3 hours, about 155km. If traveling by bus, you can pick up the bus at My Dinh bus station or Luong Yen bus station. Ticket price for seats is about 100,000 VND and bed is 200,000 VND/person. Another way is that you can book a tour to Ha Long at travel companies.

Various means of transportation to Ha Long 

+ From Ho Chi Minh City to Ha Long, visitors can choose to “travel” by car. Or go by plane to Noi Bai airport, Cat Bi airport or Van Don airport. Ha Long tours also often go by air to travel in the shortest time.

Attractive tourist attractions in Ha Long

Ha Long tourism not only has a beautiful natural picture of Ha Long Bay but also has many other beautiful places of entertainment, entertainment and destinations. If you want to explore all of this place, you will have to arrange to have a tour to Ha Long for a few days. The attractive attractions in Ha Long city such as:

Bai Chay Beach is an artificial beach located on a beautiful diamond-shaped island. The sandy beach at Bai Chay is smooth and stretches over 500m along the shore of Ha Long Bay. It has a favorable climate, modern infrastructure and many very attractive entertainment services.

Bai Chay Beach 

+ Sun World HaLong Park complex: This is a world-class amusement park complex with the largest scale in Southeast Asia. This complex consists of 2 main areas: the amusement park on the top of Ba Deo and the coastal entertainment area. This place attracts visitors by attractive games that have never appeared in Vietnam.

+ Ha Long Old Town is a street built in imitation of the ancient features of Hoi An. This old town is always bustling and bustling with restaurants and many shopping stalls.

+ Ha Long night market is located right on Ha Long Marine Boulevard and is the most crowded and bustling destination of this city.

+ A panoramic tour of Ha Long Bay

+ Visiting Quan Lan, Co To, Ti Top, Soi Sim, …

Ha Long specialties

Ha Long is famous for its unique cuisine, super fresh seafood dishes. Here are some of the most attractive dishes that you should enjoy on your Ha Long tour.

Squid roll cake

With meat-filled rolls, wood ear is served with squid ink and sweet and sour fish sauce. The special feature of this dish in Ha Long is that the squid must be pounded by hand. Then deep-fried in fat has a rich, fragrant and still has the crunchy texture of the squid pieces.

Attractive squid cake rolls 

 Sea Sam

This is a specialty of Ha Long sea. It can be processed into many mouth-watering and mouth-watering dishes. However, because it is soldering, people with a weak stomach should not try this dish.

Surface vermicelli

It is a type of seafood that is exploited a lot in Quang Ninh sea. Selling vermicelli is very sophisticatedly prepared with broth from the surface and a lot of other seafood.

To be able to discover all the beauty of Ha Long, choosing a residence address is also very important. White Crown is a hotel located right in the center of Ha Long city, convenient to move to many places. Moreover, this hotel is also 3 star standard with excellent service quality. The price is also affordable from only 500,000 VND / night.

Above are our sharing about Ha Long tour. Hope it can help you to have more knowledge for your upcoming trip. If you are in need of booking a hotel in Ha Long, please contact us immediately to receive the most detailed advice and quotation. Wishing you a happy, fulfilling holiday. 

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