Detailed experience of renting a Ha Long yacht for tourists

Ha Long Bay is always in the top of the tourist destinations attracting the most tourists across the country. However, to visit and discover all the beauty of this place is not easy. In order for your trip to Ha Long to be complete, here we would like to share the latest Ha Long yacht charter experience for all visitors.

Types of yachts used to visit Ha Long Bay

If you want to travel around to see the scenery of the bay, renting a Ha Long yacht is the best choice. There are 2 types of yachts being offered to visit Ha Long Bay: day cruises and overnight cruises on the bay.

Cruise for a day sightseeing

This is the type of service that is being chosen by many people. Day cruises are also known as voice boats. For individuals traveling alone or with a small group of guests, you should choose a combined yacht. In this case, the cost of joining a boat will be cheaper than renting a private boat. You can choose to join a 3-hour, 4-hour or 6-hour tour depending on your needs, the rental price will be from 150,000 to 200,000 VND excluding meals.

Boat trip to visit Ha Long during the day 

Large groups of guests can choose to rent a private boat to visit. A private yacht will cost from 3 million to 7 million. This price will vary from time to time. If the season is less touristy, the price will be cheaper.

Night cruise on the sea

Ha Long yacht rental service for overnight boats are usually high-class and luxurious boats and quite luxurious. Correspondingly, the price will be much more expensive. The rental price of this type of yacht will depend on the quality of 3 stars, 4 stars or 5 stars. Depending on your economic conditions, you can choose a 2N1N or 3N2D tour. Some luxury 5-star cruises also have a 4-day 3-night tour and you can design your own itinerary. The activities and services on the yacht are quite diverse such as dining, karaoke, sunbathing and stargazing in the middle of the bay, etc.

 Some of the best Halong cruises

+ Starlight Cruise: This is a 5-star luxury yacht with 32 cabins, steel hull and Jacuzzi bathroom. Starlight provides room rental service by tour 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights. The reference price of this yacht is 1 million 9 hundred thousand VND per person.

Starlight Cruises 

This is the only steel boat in Ha Long that is manufactured using modern double bottom technology. With 4 floors, you will enjoy a great space to see Ha Long Bay. Regular yachts only explore Ha Long Bay, but Starlight also has a schedule to explore Bai Tu Long Bay.

+ Paradise Sails: This is the brand name of one of the luxury boats from Paradise Ha Long group. Paradise Sails consists of 17 cabins, the ship is sheathed with wooden hulls and is 25m2 wide. There are 2 tours: 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 nights. Prices range from 2,100,000 to 6,300,000 for 1 room.

Paradise Sails is designed in a traditional style mixed with modern and luxurious with bold Vietnamese cultural identity. The restaurant here is delicately designed with a menu of rich and unique European and Asian dishes prepared by professional chefs.

+ Paradise Elegance Cruise is one of the largest steel-hulled yachts on Ha Long Bay, starting operations in 2017. The yacht is designed with 31 spacious and luxurious rooms. Coming to Paradise Elegance, customers can experience many unique services such as Piano counter, health care and butler service. Coming to Paradise Elegance, you will have a safe and rewarding trip to the upper class. Room rates here from 2,600,000 for 1 or 2 adults per cabin.

Paradise Elegance Cruise

+ Margaret Cruise is the perfect combination between classic and modern design. The system of 25 rooms is always filled with natural light so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ha Long. This is a 5-star cruise system but the tour price is very affordable from only 2,100,000 per cabin.

Renting a Ha Long yacht to explore will help you discover all the beauty of this place, but on bad weather days, the cruise will not be operated so visitors can choose hotels on the mainland. White Crown is a hotel located very close to the beach, modern facilities at an affordable price. This hotel is located at house number 11, lane 17, Anh Dao street, Bai Chay ward, Ha Long city. There are 45 rooms here, all with room prices ranging from 300 to 500,000 VND.

White Crown Hotel 

So we have just shared with you the experience of renting a Ha Long yacht. Hopefully the article will bring useful information for your upcoming trip to Ha Long. Thank you for following our article. 

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