Detailed instructions on how to buy and ticket prices to visit Ha Long

You are planning to visit in the near future. However, this is your first time coming to this place. Therefore, you wonder how to buy and ticket prices at places like? Check out our article below for the most accurate information!

Where to buy tickets to visit Ha Long Bay?

For tourists traveling in groups or on tours, they will not have to worry about where to buy tickets. Because travel agencies will have someone to solve this problem for you. If you are traveling on your own, you will buy tickets to visit Ha Long at the following 2 places:

+ Tuan Chau International Ship Port: Just reach the main gate of the port, you will see the ticket counter on the right. This port is located right on Tuan Chau island, about 12 km from Ha Long city center.

Buy tickets to visit Tuan Chau international port 

+ Ha Long international passenger ship port: The new port came into operation in 2019. It is located right in the center of Ha Long city. Although more convenient for travel, this port has a relatively small number of visiting ships. In addition, the rental price is also about 50,000 VND more expensive.

Ticket price to visit Ha Long Bay

When visiting Ha Long Bay, visitors can buy tickets at the two locations above. The specific ticket prices are as follows:

+ Ticket price to visit Ha Long in general will be 120,000 VND / time / person. Time will be from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. For this ticket, visitors can only visit the water surface, the core landscape and the buffer zone of the bay without stopping to visit any point.

+ Ticket price for each spot: The ticket price for each spot is 30 to 50 thousand VND/point. If you buy this ticket, you will be able to stop and visit places such as Ba Hang cave, Luon cave, Tien Ong cave, Cop La cave, Thay cave, Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Sung Sot cave, Me Cung cave. , Ti Top beach.

Tickets to visit Ha Long Bay 

+ Ticket price for overnight on the bay: If you register to sleep overnight on the bay, 1 night is 200,000 VND, 2 nights is 350,000 VND, 3 nights is 400,000 VND.

Ticket prices for specific sightseeing routes in Ha Long Bay

Currently, the management board of Ha Long Bay is divided into 5 main sightseeing routes. Each route will have its own discovery topic. Ticket prices to visit Ha Long will depend on the routes and change according to the corresponding date. 

+ Route 1 is the conservation center of Van Canh park, including: Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Cho Da islet, Ba Hang cave, Dinh Huong island, and Trong Mai island. Ticket price for the day tour at route 1 is 290,000 VND/person

+ Route 2: Cave park conservation center. Including Soi Sim Island, Ti Top Island, Sung Sot Cave, Bo Nau Cave, Luon Cave, Ho Dong Tien Cave, Trong Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, and Me Cung Cave. Day ticket is 290,000, 2 days 1 night is 590,000, 3 days 1 night is 790,000.

+ Route 3 is the marine culture conservation center with Cua Van cultural center, Truc forest area, Tien Ong cave, Ang Du cave, Ba Men temple, Ba Dam lake. Ticket price for a day tour is 240,000 VND, 2 days 1 night is 540,000 VND, 3 days 2 nights ticket is 690,000 VND.

+ Route 4: Marine entertainment development and conservation center with Co cave, Thay cave, Cong Do island area, Cap La cave, Tung – Ang Cong Do ecological area, Vung Vieng area, Hon Xep park . The ticket price to visit here is the same as the tourist route number 3.

Route 4 is usually for overnight tours 

+ Route 5 is quite similar to route 1 and also runs very little.

How to choose the right sightseeing route

You should choose a sightseeing route that suits your needs and schedule. If you want to visit Ha Long Bay during the day, you should choose route 1 or number 2. If you want to sleep overnight, you should choose route 3 or route 4.

If you just want to visit Ha Long Bay for half a day, route 1 will be quite suitable for you. Because its route only takes 4 hours to visit. Route 2 is also quite a choice when you want to visit Ha Long during the day while swimming in the sea.

For these two routes, you should book yourself a hotel in advance so you can rest and relax. Thus, it will be easy to visit other places on the shore. Suggestion for a budget hotel, located in the heart of Ha Long is White Crown. This is a comfortable and luxurious 3-star hotel. The hotel always receives many good reviews from visitors. 

Bedroom at White Crown Hotel 

Above is some information on how to buy as well as the latest price of tickets to visit Ha Long Bay that we update. If you are intending to find the ideal accommodation for your trip, you can visit the White Crown website HERE   or contact the hotline for advice and support.

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