Discover paradise on Ha Long Bay Tuan Chau island

It is not natural that Tuan Chau Island is chosen by many people when coming to Ha Long. If Co To brings wild beauty, Tuan Chau brings high-class resort moments. Coming to the beautiful bay of Ha Long, it is absolutely impossible not to visit Tuan Chau. In today’s article, we will discover the unique points of Ha Long Tuan Chau island .

Ha Long resort paradise – Tuan Chau island

Nature has favored you to give the mine land a lot of beautiful landscapes. Among all these landscapes, it is impossible not to mention Tuan Chau. This place is like a pearl island with a long stretch of fine white sand and clear sea water. Previously, Tuan Chau was a separate island, but now a connecting road has been built.

“Pearl” of Ha Long Bay – Tuan Chau

Tuan Chau is an interesting destination for many tourists when coming to Ha Long. If you take the highway, Tuan Chau is 120km from Hanoi. This is a resort paradise with 5-star resorts and many luxury hotels. Especially, there is the largest cruise ship port in Southeast Asia, a large entertainment area. This is also the starting point of all cruises exploring Ha Long Bay.

Interesting attractions in Tuan Chau

When coming to Ha Long Tuan Chau island, the first thing that you see is the vitamin of the sea. If you are traveling with family or a group of friends, do not forget to bring a tarp and some snacks. You can create yourself a party on the beach watching the cool blue water.

A place not to be missed when coming to Tuan Chau is the entertainment area. There are many fun games that you can participate in all day without getting bored. The outdoor play area has an area of ​​up to 5 hectares, which realistically simulates many world wonders.

For those who are adventurous, they can try many water sports games. Specifically, such as windsurfing, water motor, kayaking, canoeing, etc. Before participating, prepare yourself for a “steel” spirit.

Adventure games to join 

Followed by animal circus performances, watching attractive 5D movies. Here are the hours of operation of these programs:

+ Monkey circus, crocodile circus from 9am to 9.20am; 11am – 11:20am; 14h30 – 14h50; 16h30 – 16h50; 19:30 – 19:50.

+ Water music performance: 9.15am – 10am; 19h – 19h40 9 (on Friday and Saturday), 20h25 – 20h55; 21:15 – 22:15.

+ Performance of lions and seals: 10am – 10h30; 15h30 – 16h; 20:15 – 20:55; 21:15 – 21:55.

For solo travelers, the ticket price to explore all the amusement parks is 350,000 VND. Children under 1m tall will have free admission.

How is staying in Ha Long Tuan Chau Island?

Visitors to Ha Long will usually stay for 2 to 3 days. Therefore, they need to choose a suitable place to stay. Coming to Tuan Chau, the search is not difficult because there are many hotels and rich resort services.

The first service that cannot be ignored is the yacht. What could be more wonderful than resting and relaxing on a luxury 5-star yacht. You can choose a boat tour to explore Ha Long, Tuan Chau island and surrounding areas. The famous and popular yachts are as follows:

+ Paradise Luxury Cruise this is a luxury cruise company, class. The price for 1 room here is about 5 million VND. With this price you will experience 5 star services, delicious food, professional staff.

Paradise Luxury Cruise 

Bhaya Ha Long is a luxury wooden yacht. You will enjoy many attractive dishes and enjoy the whole sea view when choosing Bhaya.

+ Ha Long Lavender Cruises: This is a 3-star cruise highly appreciated by tourists. You will have a wonderful holiday when you choose this service.

If you want to stay on the mainland, you can choose from many hotels. There is a full range of prices from affordable to high-end. One of the most comfortable, modern and trusted hotels in Ha Long is White Crown.

Photo 4. White Crown Hotel 

This hotel owns the most convenient location in Ha Long city. The hotel has a view overlooking Ha Long Bay and Bai Chay Bridge. The total number of rooms here is 45 with many modern amenities. White Crown is the ideal getaway for a relaxing and classy outing.

Address: House No. 11, Lane 17, Anh Dao Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province.

Above are our sharing about Ha Long tourism on Tuan Chau island. We hope that you will have an enjoyable and comfortable trip with this information. Hello and see you in the next posts.

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