Experience of renting a boat at Ha Long pier is not “cheat”

Ha Long wharf is the gathering place of many boats and yachts serving tourists. Renting a boat to visit the bay is the first choice of every tourist. In today’s article we will share some useful experiences when renting a cruise ship in Ha Long. Stay tuned for reference!

Why do tourists choose to take a cruise to visit Ha Long Bay?

Renting a cruise ship to visit Ha Long Bay is the first activity chosen by many tourists. There are many special reasons that make this the first choice of many people.

Discover the whole beauty of Ha Long

Taking a boat to Ha Long Bay, visitors can admire the beauty of more than 2000 large and small undulating islands, majestic nature. Coming to this place, visitors will think that they are lost in the “fairytale” place. Because of the special harmony of heaven, earth, and sea. To visit the beautiful scenery of this bay, taking a boat or yacht is the ideal choice.

Cruise ships are the first choice of tourists 

Currently, at Ha Long piers, there are 5 tourist routes to take tourists to visit most of the islands and caves in the bay such as Sung Sot cave, Ti Tot island, Quan Lan island, Tam Cung, Thien Cung … If you rent by the hour, the longer the trip, the more places you will visit. On a short trip, the boat owner will take tourists to visit some typical places to save time.

Choose a cruise ship to save money

Currently, if you want to visit Ha Long, you can choose 1 of 4 forms as follows:

+ Rent a cruise ship to visit tourist attractions. Cruise ships will be rented by the hour 3 hours – 4 hours – 6 hours. You can choose to hire a whole ship or a combined ship.

+ Book an overnight tour on the cruise

+ Take the Queen cable car to see Ha Long Bay

+ Rent a seaplane to see Ha Long from above

Seaplane sightseeing Ha Long 

Each different option will give visitors a special unique experience. If you rent a yacht, tourists will enjoy a vacation right on the bay. Renting a cable car or seaplane offers many stimulating and exciting experiences from above. The rental price of each form is also different. Renting a cruise ship will cost about 650,000 to 700,000 VND/pax. Cruise tour will be from 1,700,000, seaplane will be about 2 million, cable car is 350,000/ticket/15 minutes.

From there, it can be seen that renting a cruise ship is the most optimal form of price. Moreover, the travel time is not too long, so it is not boring. For travelers with a medium budget, cruise ships are always the first choice for a visit to Ha Long.

The right time to take a cruise ship

Tourist boats are always anchored a lot at Ha Long piers. However, this service is not always available. Because it is a sea tourism, it will depend greatly on weather factors.

The peak tourist season is from April to September. At this time, the Ha Long pier is always very busy and crowded with tourists. At this time, you may have difficulty renting a boat due to the large number of guests and beyond the capacity to meet. To be able to rent a boat conveniently, visitors should book in advance to avoid booking close to the time, which will push the price up.

From October to March, the number of domestic tourists will decrease. Instead, there are foreign guests. At this time, the weather is pleasant and the number of visitors is not too much. Ha Long at this time is quite peaceful and gentle, very suitable for relaxation. In the months of June – July, there are many storms that make landfall in Ha Long Bay. So cruise ships and overnight cruises will not be allowed to operate.

October to March is the time when there are many international visitors 

Hotels near Ha Long pier

For the most convenient and economical visit to Ha Long, you should choose places to stay on the shore close to Ha Long piers. This will make commuting easier and more economical. After many times coming to this beautiful bay, I will suggest you a very quality hotel with a reasonable price here. That is the White Crown. This hotel is designed in a modern neoclassical style. But still subtly luxurious royal features.

White Crown Hotel 

Room rates here are quite reasonable from only 350,000 / night for Deluxe room (1 double bed or 2 single beds). There are many attractive facilities such as free breakfast, laundry service, etc. and modern equipment. This place is very close to Bai Chay port and just over 1km from Ha Long Bay beach.

Address White Crown Hotel: House number 11, lane 17 Anh Dao street, Bai Chay ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province.

Above are some experiences when renting a cruise ship to explore the beautiful bay. Ha Long dock has many boats moored. So you can choose the service very easily. Hope these sharing will help you have a great trip. Thank you for taking the time to read our article.

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