Experience on Halong cruise from A to Z

Ha Long Bay is one of the new natural wonders of the world, a place that attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists to visit each year. Taking a boat to visit the bay is the perfect way to feel the beauty of Ha Long. In the following article, we will share with you the experience of cruising in Ha Long so that you have a complete and meaningful trip.

1. When is the best time to go on a Ha Long cruise?

Ha Long Bay is located in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province. Ha Long Bay is part of the Gulf of Tonkin. Ha Long weather is a little different from the northern region. If Hanoi has 4 distinct seasons, Ha Long seems to have only 2 seasons: the cold season starts from November to March, the hot season lasts from April to the end of October.

Ha Long’s peak tourist time falls in the cold season with a large number of international visitors. Service prices are therefore higher than other times. 

The low season is from April to September. Although there are not many international visitors, Ha Long receives a large number of domestic tourists. This is also the golden time for you to visit Ha Long because the service price is much softer, maybe 10-30% cheaper than the peak. However, around June-July when the summer vacation comes, the number of domestic tourists also increases. But this is also the time when there are many storms that affect the trip of tourists.

Taking a Ha Long cruise is an interesting experience that attracts tourists    

2. What is the best overnight cruise to choose? 

There are many yachts on Ha Long Bay. How to choose the most suitable yacht? Please choose based on your needs and financial capabilities. Do you want an affordable service or prefer cruises on a luxury boat?        

The price of a cruise to visit Ha Long is very diverse for you to choose. The prices shown here are for reference only as it may change according to the time of year.    

Cheap yacht (3 stars)

According to Ha Long cruise experiencethis is the most popular type of cruise on the bay with prices ranging from 1,500,000vnd to 2,000,000vnd per adult for 2 days 1 night program. Ticket price includes scenic tickets, overnight cabins, meals on the train, two-way shuttle bus from Hanoi center). 

You can choose from a number of cheap but good quality yachts such as:

Ha Long V’spirit Cruise

V’Spirit Cruise operates with 5 yachts with a capacity of nearly 100 cabins to meet the needs of individual guests as well as large private groups. The ship has full facilities such as dining room, bar, sunbathing area. 

Halong Legacy Cruise

Legacy Cruise’s schedule for day 2 and one night to visit Ha Long Bay combined with Bai Tu Long. Legacy is designed with wood, is a traditional yacht on the bay with 3 floors and 12 cabins: the cabins are concentrated on the 1st and 2nd floors. The 2nd floor also has an area for restaurants and bars. The 3rd floor has a sundeck for sunbathing and relaxing.

There are many types of Halong cruises depending on your needs

Mid-Range Cruise (4 stars)

The price range for each visitor is 2,000,000 VND to 2,900,000 VND including tickets to visit the route, sleeping cabin on the train, shuttle bus from Hanoi center and vice versa.

Guests can book a 2-day 1-night itinerary with a 4-star cruise such as:

Calypso Cruise 

Calypso Cruise was one of the first cruises operating on the bay. Guests will have the opportunity to visit Bai Tu Long and Ban Chan beach in this cruise’s itinerary. Calypso has many interesting recreational activities on board for visitors to participate and have more wonderful experiences when traveling with Calypso in Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Legacy Legend Cruise

With a young, well-trained team, Legacy Legend offers a unique journey and high-class service for visitors when visiting on Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long. Legacy Legend Cruise is modernly designed with luxurious sleeping cabins, restaurants, bars, and sundeck to bring comfort and convenience to visitors.

Luxury yacht (5 stars)

Experience Ha Long cruise, the price to join the 2 day 1 night sightseeing program for the 5-star line is usually about 3,000,000 or more, for an adult. The price includes tickets to visit the bay, cabin, round trip bus from Hanoi to Ha Long and vice versa.        

With a 5-star cruise, you can choose Ginger Cruise. The design of the yacht has a classic touch of Indochina in the 1920s with only 10 luxurious, 5-star cabins. Visitors have the opportunity to visit Tien Ong cave, Cua Van fishing village, participate in dancing or interesting night squid fishing.       

Ha Long Cruise takes tourists to visit many beautiful scenes 

3. Choose your itinerary

Depending on the time and price you choose the right trip. Please list the destinations you want to go and compare with our suggested itinerary.

The most important thing is to choose according to what you want instead of just because it’s cheap. Here, we will introduce some typical itineraries:

– Visiting Bai Tu Long Bay + Ha Long will have luxury ships such as Indochina Junks, Syrena, Emeraude…

– Visiting Ha Long Bay has many fleets such as: Au Co; Starlight, V’spirit; Oriental Sails; Poem; Flying Garden…

– Visit Bai Tu Long Bay – Lan Ha – Ha Long…. To go to all these 3 bays, it will take 3 days – 2 nights (Usually every ship here also follows the same 3-day itinerary, but the price is 2 times higher than the 2-day journey). 

Above is the experience of cruising in Ha Long including the information you need to know. Hope this article has helped you gain more useful knowledge for your trip. 

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