Explore Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau Island, what to play?

Ha Long Bay Tuan Chau Island are two famous places of Ha Long tourism. One side is the bay and the other is an entertainment and entertainment complex. So what’s interesting about discovering Ha Long Bay on Tuan Chau Island? Please refer to the following article to have the most perfect upcoming trip. 

Determine the time to go to Ha Long Bay Tuan Chau Island

Traveling to Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau Island , first of all, you need to determine the time for the trip, to avoid the case of crowded peak season or stormy weather. The ideal time to explore Ha Long Bay is in the summer, from May to July. This coincides with the time when students have a break from school and vacation with their families. In fact, the best time to travel to Ha Long is in the fall from August to October or April to May. Avoid going in June – July because it is the peak season, so the number of tourists is very crowded. causing high ticket prices, expensive services.    

As for Tuan Chau, the best time to go is from April to October, the climate is cool and pleasant. The advice is that you should go in the middle of the week, because weekends are very crowded and service is high. If you combine Ha Long and Tuan Chau tourism, you should go from August to October is the best.

Determine the best time to explore Ha Long Bay

Traveling to Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau Island, where to go?

Discovering Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau Island , you should not miss the most famous and attractive places such as:

Tuan Chau Island

This is the most beautiful island in Ha Long, an entertainment and resort complex. Coming to Tuan Chau Island during the day, you will have a relaxing beach bath. In the evening, watch performances of water music, whales … ticket price is 180,000 VND / person. 

Beach Fire

Bai Chay is a resort located on Ha Long Bay with a cool climate all year round. This is an artificial beach, clear blue water, white sand and coconut trees planted all around the beach. Visitors can swim in Bai Chay beach, go for a walk and enjoy the scenery. Bai Chay coastal area has many luxury resorts, if possible, you can book a room here:

Beautiful Bai Chay beach attracts tourists

Surprise Cave

Sung Sot Cave owns many beautiful places in Ha Long, attracting visitors with a system of stalactites and stalactites with many unique shapes. Most of the cruise lines visiting Ha Long Bay have a schedule to explore Sung Sot Cave. 

Cua Van fishing village 

Continuing the schedule to explore Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau island that you should not miss is Cua Van fishing village. This is the ideal destination for travelers who want to enjoy the quiet atmosphere and admire the unspoiled beauty. Coming to Cua Van fishing village, you will learn about the life of fishermen here, rowing boats, casting nets to catch fish. 

Explore the peaceful Cua Van fishing village

Luon Cave

Ha Long Bay owns a large cave system and has a very unique structure, including Luon cave. From Bai Chay to Luon Cave about 14km, located on Bo Hon island is an ideal destination to admire the stalactite buds created for hundreds of years. In particular, in front of Luon cave is Con Rua island and Heaven gate on the right for visitors to take virtual pictures. 

Besides the places to visit above, you can “change the wind” when relaxing at the cafes and bars in Bai Chay or you can walk around the Ha Long night market to enjoy seafood and shop.

Where to stay when traveling to Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau Island?

Traveling to Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau Island, you have many different options for accommodation, with 3-4 star hotels in Bai Chay area. Room rates range from 500,000 VND/night. Experience is that you should book in the middle of the week to have a cheaper price than on the weekend. Or if you want to save more, you can rent an inn for 150,000 VND/night. If possible, you can go to 5-star resorts on Tuan Chau Island or overnight cruises on Ha Long Bay. Here are some suggestions for hotels in Ha Long you can refer to:

White Crown Hotel

  • Address: 11 Anh Dao, Bai Chay, Ha Long

  • Room rates range from: 800,000 VND/night

White Crown Hotel is a 3-star standard hotel, with a convenient location when moving to Bai Chay beach, Sunworld Ha Long park, etc. The hotel is impressive with luxurious and modern white decoration tones. Staying at White Crown Hotel you will have the choice of many different room types, depending on whether you are a couple, family or group of friends. Professional staff, clean rooms, delicious breakfast… are the plus points of White Crown Hotel that many tourists love and choose when coming to Ha Long.

Stay at the White Crown Hotel

In addition, you can refer to other hotels such as: Draha Halong Hotel, Ha Long DC Hotel, Hai Quan Hotel – The Marine Hotel, FLC Halong Bay Golf Club & Luxury Resort… 

Hopefully, the above advice will help you have a complete trip to Ha Long Bay and Tuan Chau Island and discover many interesting experiences. 

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