Full Halong cruise experience from A to Z

Ha Long cruise is one of the experiences chosen by many tourists to discover this famous natural wonder. So do you know what information you need when taking a cruise to explore Ha Long BayPlease share your experiences below. 

Should you take a Ha Long cruise?

The answer is yes. Taking a Ha Long cruise, visitors will experience many interesting things such as: 

  • Cruises are a resort trend that many tourists choose today. Those are 5-star luxury yachts, bringing the top moments of relaxation for visitors. Resort by yacht has a separate, quiet space suitable for relaxation. 
  • Learn about life on the sea, floating in the middle of the vast ocean to relax, eat and admire the beautiful scenery. Experience quality 5-star services on a yacht that brings a memorable trip with family and loved ones. 
  • Suitable for vacations on special occasions such as honeymoon, wedding anniversary. Or an opportunity for the family to enjoy a vacation together with the family. 

Going on a cruise is an attractive resort experience for tourists

Ha Long cruise experience 

Going on a Ha Long cruise for the first time makes you feel nervous, so let’s “pocket” the following experiences: 

Choose the right yacht by star class

Halong Cruise has stars 3, 4 and 5 with many different prices for you to choose from such as: 

  • 3-star standard cruise: Price fluctuates 2.3 million/night/person
  • 4-star cruise: Price 2.9 million VND/night/person
  • 5-star cruise: Price ranges from 3.5 million VND/night/person

Yacht prices depend on each cabin and room type. For example, for a 5-star yacht, but if you stay in the cheapest room or have a discount voucher, it is only equivalent to a 4-star class. 

Choose by yacht type 

There are two types of cruises in Ha Long for you to choose from:

  • Steel train: This is a ship with a modern design and very sturdy. Steel ships are usually 4 and 5 star yachts.
  • Wooden train: Made of wood material, classic style brings close space. These are usually 3, 4 star class yachts.

Note that when choosing a cruise, you need to find out how many days you plan to go. Most cruise ships have overnight cruises, however 3-star class usually doesn’t have many types of ships. 

There are many types of yachts for visitors to choose from

How to book a cruise

Most of the cruises have a fixed schedule, only the difference between star class: Cooking class, massage, gym, spa… The yachts all have departure points from Tuan Chau, visiting the bay and islands. in Ha Long. Besides sightseeing, visitors can also experience yoga, sightseeing, tai chi, kayaking, squid fishing, and swimming. 

Recommend some quality yachts in Ha Long 

If you have not yet chosen a Ha Long cruise , please refer to the suggestions below: 

Paradise Luxury Cruise

  • Price ranges: 8-16 million VND/night 
  • Schedule: 1 day, 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 nights

Paradise Luxury yacht is designed with a mixture of modern and ancient. Consisting of 4 floors and 17 cabins, luxurious 5-star interior. Visitors will be able to go on a day tour, participate in many activities such as bar, spa, tai chi, live music. Friendly staff and delicious food. However, the bedroom is a bit small. 

5-star cruise in Ha Long

Au Co Cruise Ha Long

  • Schedule: 1 day, 3 days 2 nights
  • Price ranges: 5-15 million VND/night 

Designed with 4 floors with modern space, including 32 cabins. There is an open-air bath, library, yoga, spa, trekking, cycling… Professional service staff. However, the yacht has a small cabin when adding 1 bed. 

Emeraude Classic Cruise

  • Schedule: 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights
  • Price ranges: 5-10 million VND/night

The Emeraude Classic yacht is designed in the shape of a classic French steamboat. The cruise has a 2n1d schedule suitable for relaxation. Visitors will discover Ngoc Trai village – Ti Top island – Sung Sot cave. Advantages are reasonable prices, friendly staff, modern design. Guests will enjoy special cuisine and can climb mountains, swim in the sea, spa, cook… 

Above is the entire experience of cruising in Ha Long , hoping to provide you with useful information and choose the right yacht. If you have a need to stay at the hotel, you can contact the phone number 0203 3834 534 for specific advice. 

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