Good hotels in Ha Long you need to know

In the tourist season or holidays you are planning to travel to Ha Long but up to now you have not found a hotel to stop at. You want to find a hotel with many good conditions to be able to rest and sleep after a long day of travel. The following article will help you and take you to some good hotels in Ha Long.

Some majestic beauty of Ha Long

Ha Long Bay is one of the wonderfully beautiful pictures of Vietnam. This is a harmonious combination between the vast vast space of the sky and the river. With such beauty, Ha Long Bay is one of the 10 most beautiful bays in the world, twice recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Ha Long Bay, located in the Northeast of Vietnam, 165km from Hanoi, is famous for its fanciful beauty of the clear blue water in the silhouette of mountains and rocks in different shapes. On the large and small limestone blocks is a green color of medicinal plants growing up in the middle of nature. Rain or shine, they can’t lose their beauty.

Visitors will be overwhelmed with the wild beauty outside, attracted by the fanciful inside of the cave. It is truly the creation castle of the earthly place, the result of the process of moving up and down many times from the continent.

Sightseeing Ha Long Bay

Top good hotels in Ha Long make you come

White Crown Hotel

White Crown is located in the heart of Ha Long, right next to Bai Chay Market and not far from Sun World Ha Long Park. This hotel is within close proximity of Long Tien Pagoda and Hon Gai Church.

Including 45 large rooms from 22m2 to 30m2, all rooms are fully equipped with flat-screen TVs, 2-way air conditioners, free wifi, free buffet breakfast, daily housekeeping service.

The front desk and room staff are friendly, always answering questions and assisting you in the fastest way in the check-in and check-out procedures as well as other personal tasks that you require. .

The hotel’s luxurious and comfortable rooms

There are many convenient services for you including free wireless Internet, delicious food, laundry, 24-hour front desk staff…

White Crown Hotel

Paradise Suites Hotel And Spa

Located in Tuan Chau Island, Paradise Suites Hotel And Spa offers you personalized but equally sophisticated services. All rooms are classically designed with cozy and elegant wooden furniture.

With a system of 179 bedrooms of a 3-storey building, reasonably distributed along Tuan Chau beach. In the room are fully equipped with basic amenities such as air conditioning, refrigerator, wardrobe, work desk, wifi, private bathroom with other personal belongings.

Whiskey Gallery is located near the main hall, has a spacious space with a variety of Asian-European dishes. Guests who book rooms with breakfast will eat at this restaurant .

Novotel Ha Long Hotel

The hotel is located at 160 Ha Long Street next to the famous Bai Chay and Sun World Ha Long Park water park. Novotel Ha Long offers perfect service and convenience when you visit this place for tourism.

The hotel consists of 225 rooms from Standard room to 1 bedroom Suite. From the room looking through the window, you can have a panoramic view of Ha Long Bay to relax quietly and enjoy the beautiful overflowing swimming pool after a long day of exploring.

In addition to the full equipment in the room, the dining service, the amusement park are also very comfortable and diverse. Restaurant staff are always friendly and attentive.

General experience when renting a hotel room

+ You should book 1 to 2 months in advance. Booking early not only can you hunt for cheap rooms with good quality, but also enjoy a lot of incentives from the hotel. Note that reservations should not be made during holidays and weekends to limit price increases.

+ It is necessary to locate a reservation near the place you want to visit for your convenience during travel. It is best to choose reputable websites or relatives who have traveled in Ha Long to consult the most useful information.

+ Information about the hotel is one of the information that you need to find out the most. There are some hotels for personal gain, so they have used tricks to lure guests in many different ways such as through brokers, the hotel pictures posted on the web are not the same as the actual pictures.

With the above sharing about good hotels in Ha Long, surely you already have your hands on how to choose a room and travel experience in Ha Long, right? Wish you have a trip full of experiences and save beautiful memories. Don’t forget to book a room here to consult and receive many incentives!

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