Ha Long Cat Ba tourism: Fascinating means and places

Cat Ba is the number 1 island tourist destination in the North of Vietnam. It is famous for its unspoiled natural wonders and wide range of fresh seafood and the hospitality of its residents. Here we will share some Halong Cat Ba travel experiences for those who are looking to travel independently. Follow along!

About Cat Ba Islands

Cat Ba archipelago is a system of wonders with more than 300 large and small limestone islands and mountains. With many unique shapes located in the area of ​​the world natural heritage Ha Long Bay. This place has more than 100 fine white sand beaches, nestled at the foot of the mountains on Lan Ha Bay.

Cat Ba Islands 

The sea water in Cat Ba has turquoise color that blends with the natural scenery to create a charming painting. Especially coming to Cat Ba, you will visit the world biosphere reserve. In addition, it is a national park with many rare and precious animals and plants listed in the Red Book such as the Yellow-headed Langur. Cat Ba is famous as a fishing ground with many of the best seafood in Vietnam. This place has a lot of interesting things waiting for you to discover and experience.

Currently, Cat Ba archipelago is in the territory of Hai Phong. This location is 30km from Hai Phong city, and only 25km from Ha Long Bay by sea. Tourists coming to Ha Long Bay can combine visiting Cat Ba or vice versa.

When should you travel to Ha Long Cat Ba?

In any season, Cat Ba has its own attractions. However, Vietnamese tourists often choose to travel in the summer to enjoy the cool blue water of this place.

The peak tourist season in Cat Ba is in June and July every year. This is also the time and the temperature in Vietnam is high. So tourists come here to avoid the heat. International tourists like to come here from November to March every year. Although at these 2 times Cat Ba will be the most beautiful. However, the number of visitors is very large, so there will be traffic jams at the ferry terminals, fire in hotel rooms and prices will increase much more, especially on weekends.

Means to Cat Ba from Ha Long

Going from Ha Long to Cat Ba, the most convenient way is to take a speedboat to Tuan Chau Wharf. Then go from Tuan Chau wharf to Gia Luan wharf with a ticket price of 165,000 VND/person. In addition, from Tuan Chau you can also choose to take the ferry Tuan Chau – Gia Luan with the fare of 80,000 VND / person walking. If you ride a motorbike, it will be 100,000 VND, a car with less than 9 seats is 480,000 VND.

Transportation from Ha Long to Cat Ba 

Beautiful tourist destinations in Cat Ba

In Cat Ba, there are many famous, beautiful and meaningful tourist destinations. Here is a typical place when traveling to Ha Long Cat Ba:

Beaches in Cat Ba

There are hundreds of beaches on Cat Ba. The most prominent are Cat Co 1, 2, 3 and Tung Thu beach with white sand stretching smooth in the clear blue water. These beaches are very close to the center of Cat Ba town. You just need to take a motorbike taxi or tram to get there. The tide here will rise at 18:30 at this time the waves are quite big and dangerous. Visitors should not enter the sea after this time frame.

Cat Ba National Park

This is a place that you absolutely should not miss when coming to Cat Ba. This is a biosphere reserve with 742 species of plants and 282 different species of animals. Including many rare species. The total area of ​​Cat Ba National Park has a total area of ​​16,196 ha, 150m above sea level.

This place not only has rich flora and fauna but also has beautiful shimmering and very famous caves such as Trung Trang cave, Bat cave, etc. The ticket price to Cat Ba National Park is quite cheap, only 40,000VND/person.

Cat Ba National Park 

Monkey Island

Is a small island also located on Lan Ha Bay. To get to Monkey Island, tourists will usually take a boat from Beo wharf for about 10 minutes and go through Cai Beo fishing village. In the past, there were many wild pineapple trees on this island, so people called it Cat Dua island. Currently, it has been renamed Monkey Island because there are more than 20 monkeys on the island. Visitors here will be able to play and chat with these monkeys.

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White Crown Hotel 

Above we have just shared with you about transportation, attractive places when traveling to Ha Long Cat Ba. Hopefully these experiences will help you have the most complete and wonderful vacation. If you need to book a hotel room in Ha Long, please contact White Crown immediately at phone number 0203 383 4534 or visit website https://whitecrownhotel.com/ . Thank you for following our article.

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