Ha Long travel ticket prices at the most prominent places

Are you planning a trip to Ha Long next time? Are you looking for Ha Long travel ticket prices at the hottest places? You don’t know where to stay for your trip. Don’t worry, here we will give you the most specific information.

What is the most attractive thing about Ha Long city?

Ha Long is the central city of Quang Ninh province. The city has a 150km long bay road. This place is always vibrant and crowded with tourists to visit and relax. In addition to the majestic natural landscape, there are also modern and high-class entertainment areas. Undoubtedly, Ha Long is a city worth living in Vietnam.

Some attractive destinations in Ha Long such as: Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau international tourist area…

Ha Long not only attracts tourists by beautiful scenery but also has fresh specialties. Referring to Ha Long, people will remember the squid cake, an attractive specialty here. You will have to try it right away to feel the special taste of this dish. In addition, there are some dishes that are also very interesting to tourists such as: safflower, sea sam… You should explore Ha Long cuisine to enjoy the unique flavors found only here.

Squid – specialty of Quang Ninh

Ha Long tour ticket prices at prominent places

If you need information about ticket prices at some locations in Ha Long, please continue reading this article. 


Ticket price to visit Ha Long Bay

+ Tickets to visit Ha Long Bay is 290,000 VND / route. Including 250,000 VND to visit the bay and 40,000 VND entrance ticket to Tuan Chau. Children under 1m2 are free of charge, over 1m2 tall are charged as normal. Persons over 60 years old with ID cards will receive a 50% discount on ticket prices.

+ Ticket for kayaking – bamboo boat is 60,000 VND/person.

+ Visiting Ha Long Bay on high by helicopter for 12 minutes, ticket price 2.9 million/person.

Ticket price for private boat tour by hour in Ha Long Bay

+ Peak season (from May to September) and weekends is 700,000/hour, weekdays is 600,000 VND/hour.

+ Low season (from October to April) and weekends are 600,000/hour and weekdays 500,000/hour.

(The above fare applies to 48-seat train with air-conditioner and fan)

+ VIP yacht ticket price is 1,200,000 VND/hour (iron train, including fan, air conditioner, karaoke).

Food service menu on board: 150,000 VND / serving with a variety of food, seafood, fruits.

Ticket price for private boat overnight on Ha Long Bay 2 days 1 night

Ticket prices range from 10.5 million / 1 train / 1 night for a 5-room train (10 guests). And 17 million /1 train/ 1 night for 11-room train (22 guests).

(Ticket price does not include food service, sightseeing, tour guide, VAT)

Ticket price for a day tour

Ticket price 150,000 – 200,000 VND/person (not including food and drink) + sightseeing tickets for route 1. Attractions: Thien Cung cave – Dau Go cave – Dog stone island – Dinh Huong island – Ga Choi island – Ba Hang fishing village. Time from 3 to 4 hours.

Ticket price 200,000 – 250,000 VND/person + entrance ticket for route 2. Attractions: Ship port – Dog Stone island – Dinh Huong island – Ga Choi island – Sung Sot cave – Ti Top island – Luon cave. Time from 5 to 6 hours.

Ticket price is 650,000 VND/person (including train tickets, sightseeing tickets, meals, kayaks, guides). Attractions: Ship port – Gia Luan wharf – Winter morning – coral reef conservation area – Bai Tu Long bay – Gia Luan wharf.

Ticket price to visit Tuan Chau international tourist area

Ticket price to visit Tuan Chau: 200,000 VND / time.

Tuan Chau international amusement park with entertainment complex attracts all visitors. There are animal circuses, magic shows, dolphin performances, sea lions, seals… In addition, 3D movie screening, music performance “Summer snowfall”.

Ticket price for Ha Long tour in Tuan Chau

Ticket price for Sun World amusement park

+ Ticket price for water park (Typhoon Water Park). Adults 350,000 VND/ticket. Children from 1m – 1m4 fare 250,000 VND/ticket. Children under 1m are free.

+ Dragon Park ticket price: Adults 350,000 VND/ticket. Children from 1m – 1m4 fare 250,000 VND/ticket. Children under 1m are free.

+ Ticket price for Queen’s cable car: Adults 350,000 VND, children from 1m – 1m4 are 250,000 VND, Children under 1m4 are free.

Sun World is the most modern amusement park in Ha Long and the North. You will have many wonderful experiences here.

Ticket price for Ha Long tour – Dragon Park

Which hotel should you stay in when traveling to Ha Long?

You should choose a hotel near the center for easy access to the entertainment spots. We recommend a 3-star hotel with international standards, White Crown. The hotel is located in the heart of Ha Long city.

With a design of 45 diverse rooms, you will have many options when coming here to relax.

Comfortable rooms at White Crown Hotel

The rooms of the hotel are fully furnished with amenities. In the room, there are boards, chairs, wooden cabinets, high-speed wifi, toiletries. The air conditioning system, standard lighting, cool rooms bring a pleasant feeling. Surely you will be satisfied when coming to White Crown.

The article gives you information about Ha Long tourist ticket prices at some attractive points. You can buy tickets at travel agents or buy them directly at the destination. Ticket prices will also have many incentives at certain times. Do not hesitate to come to Ha Long on the upcoming holiday. Wish you will have a trip to Ha Long with many interesting memories.

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