Hotels near Nguyen Van Cu cadre training school

Nguyen Van Cu Political School was established on December 22, 1963.” Over the past 40 years, under different circumstances and conditions, the lecturers, staff and students of the University have always tried, overcome overcome all difficulties, teach well, study well, serve well, fulfill the task of training and fostering key cadres at grassroots level of the province.
The results of training and fostering key cadres of the University have made an important contribution to meet the requirements of the task in each historical period, worthy of the leadership attention of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Committee, the political parties. Ministries, local authorities, agencies, units and the trust of people of all ethnic groups in the province.

Nguyen Van Cu cadre training school, Quang Ninh province.

Hotels near Nguyen Van Cu cadre training school?

White Crown Hotel

White Crown Hotel is located in the heart of Ha Long, right next to the Peach Garden Market. The hotel is near Nguyen Van Cu cadre training school. This hotel is within close proximity of Long Tien Pagoda and Hon Gai Church.

Including 45 large rooms from 22m2 to 30m2, all rooms are fully equipped with flat-screen TVs, 2-way air conditioners, free wifi, free buffet breakfast, daily housekeeping service.

The front desk and room staff are friendly, always answering questions and assisting you in the fastest way in the check-in and check-out procedures as well as other personal tasks that you require. .

White crown hotel lobby on fire.

There are many convenient services for you including free wireless Internet, delicious food, laundry, 24-hour front desk staff…

The hotel’s luxurious and comfortable rooms

1.1km from Nguyen Van Cu cadre training school.

White Crown Hotel has been the residence of many students from all over the country to study at the University. White Crown Hotel located in a quiet area will help officials and employees to focus best in studying and preparing for exams.

Reception phone number: 0203 383 4534  (On duty 24/24).

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