How much does a hotel in Ha Long cost? Which hotel is the best today?

Finding out the price of hotels in Ha Long has a very important factor in choosing the right hotel for each person’s own expenses. So which hotel in Ha Long, how much does it cost? Follow along with the following article. 

How much does a hotel in Ha Long cost? 

The price of a hotel in Ha Long depends on which area you book in, what type of hotel is 1 star, 2 star or 5 star, and how convenient it is… Specifically as follows: 

Area to book hotels in Ha Long

First of all, the price will depend on which area you book your hotel in in Ha Long. Here are the main areas where many hotels in Ha Long are concentrated: 

  • Area along Ha Long road: Focus on high-class hotels, 4-5 star standards. The hotel has a sea view, so the room rate is often higher than in other areas. The lowest room rate in this area is from 1.5 to 2 million VND/night. If booking on weekends, Tet holidays, the price can increase 2-3 times compared to weekdays. 
  • Hotels in Hai Quan junction: This area focuses on cheap hotels ranging from 300,000 VND/night. The advantage is that it is cheap, but when moving from this area to the sightseeing spot is often quite far. 
  • Vuon Dao area: Focus on mid-range hotels. Prices range from 600,000 VND/night, depending on the time. Garden Dao area has cheap prices, the location is not too far from the beach, entertainment places. So, if you want to save money, you can book a room at Vuon Dao hotel.

Booking a hotel in Ha Long depends on location

Type of hotel in Ha Long

Hotel prices in Ha Long also depend a lot on the type of hotel. Certainly, the standard 2 – 3 star hotels will be cheaper than the 4 – 5 star luxury rooms. If you have a mid-range budget, you can choose 2-3 star hotels, with basic amenities, nice clean rooms and pretty good service. More lavish, there are 4-5 star hotels with beautiful views, luxurious services, swimming pools… 

Tips for booking cheap hotels when traveling to Ha Long 

To book a cheap hotel in Ha Long , you should also “pocket” the very useful tips below: 

  • It is recommended to book a room about 1 month in advance, especially during Tet. This way you will have the opportunity to book a cheap room. On the other hand, do not worry about running out of rooms and receive many price incentives. 
  • Book through reputable websites. Because nowadays there are many fake websites, deceiving customers. Therefore, you should find out information, consult friends who have gone or see reviews on groups to choose a good quality hotel. 
  • Before booking, you should also find out information about accompanying services such as: How big is the room, what is the time of check-in, check-out, room view, breakfast buffet included… If you have time, time you should see the actual room and then book. Because in many cases, although the picture is very beautiful, when it comes to receiving it, it is very different from heaven and earth. 
  • To avoid booking high prices and crowded scenes, it is best to arrange Ha Long travel on midweek days (Tuesday to Thursday).   

It is recommended to book early at least 1 month before going to get a good price

The best hotel in Ha Long now

If you are looking for the best hotel price in Ha Long today, then White Crown Hotel is the ideal choice that you should not miss. Newly built 3-star hotel located in Vuon Dao located in Bai Chay tourist area. From the hotel to the Queen cable car station is only 1.89km. It is 3.6km from Vincom Plaza Ha Long and 5km from Quang Ninh museum. All rooms of White Crown Hotel are fully equipped with bathtub, flat-screen TV, balcony, breakfast… 

The room types at White Crown Hotel you can choose from:

  • Deluxe room is 22m2 wide 
  • Deluxe family room 30m2 rộng

Book a room at White Crown Hotel when traveling to Ha Long

Room rates at the hotel range from $50/day. 

Outstanding facilities when booking a room at White Crown Hotel such as:

  • Use free high-quality wifi, comfortably surf the website. 
  • Airport shuttle service with professional staff. 
  • Service 24/7 with professional and friendly front desk staff. 
  • The buffet restaurant serves the dining needs of guests.

Above is all information about hotel prices in Ha Long . Hope to help you choose the hotel that suits your criteria and budget. If you have any questions about booking a hotel in Ha Long, please call hotline 0203 383 4534  –  058 630 6666 for specific advice. 

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