Instructions for booking tickets to Quan Lan Island from Hon Gai pier

Quan Lan is a destination chosen by many tourists when coming to Ha Long city. This island hides a wild and charming beauty with a long stretch of fine white sand. So how to move to Quan Lan island from Hon Gai pier? Follow our article below for more details!

Attractions of Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan is a beautiful island and has been very familiar to many tourists. This place is known for its wild and poetic beauty of forests and white sandy beaches. This island has many attractive tourist attractions such as:

Minh Chau Beach

It is a beautiful, famous beach and only 15km from Quan Lan beach. The highlight of this beach is the white sand here, not sticky feet. At Minh Chau beach, visitors can drop their souls into the beautiful scenery of nature. If you go in a group, you can organize camping and fun sessions. Or explore the scenery and marine life on the island.

Minh Chau Beach – Quan Lan 

Son Hao Beach

It is considered the most beautiful beach for tourists when coming to Quan Lan island. Son Hao stands out with its wild beauty like no human footprints. Fine white sand beach, clear blue water. Coming to this place, visitors will be immersed in the cool blue water and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. Son Hao is a resort paradise for tourists when coming to Quan Lan Island.

Quan Lan Beach

55km from Ha Long city, going from Hon Gai pier to here takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. The wild features and rich flora and fauna have created the irresistible attraction of Quan Lan Island.

Quan Lan Lighthouse

This place used to be the center of the old Van Don trading port. In the past, it was always busy and was a stopover for many merchant ships from all over the world.

Quan Lan Lighthouse 

Detailed instructions on how to move to Quan Lan from Hon Gai pier

In the summer, Quan Lan is always a destination that attracts many tourists. Especially on holidays, Tet and weekends, the number of foreign and Vietnamese tourists increases a lot. Therefore, it is not easy to buy train tickets to Hon Gai island. You can one of the following 2 ways to book tickets:

+ Call to book directly at companies providing transportation services to the island

+ Buy tickets directly at Hon Gai pier – Vinashin port

Take a boat from Vinashin port to Quan Lan island

If you move from Hon Gai, you will reach Quan Lan in 60 minutes. The current ticket price is 180,000 VND / person / person. Depending on the time such as weekends and holidays, the price will be more expensive. The first trip from Hon Gai to Quan Lan is at 9:30 am and from Quan Lan to Hon Gai is at 15:30.

At Vinashin port, there are many high-speed boats operating for tourists to choose from such as Thanh Hung, KaLong, Quang Minh, Havaco, etc. You can choose to move to the island by hydrofoil or passenger ship. . Hydrofoils are large and can carry motorbikes to move on the island.

When booking a train ticket to Quan Lan, you should book a ticket to go and set a date and time to return at the same time. Moreover, at the time when a large number of tourists come to the island, the boat will not run at a fixed time, but enough people will run. You should book tickets and contact the train owner in advance to get on the train 30 to 1 hour early. For foreign passengers, passports are required to board the train.

Quality hotel near Hon Gai pier

Visitors to Ha Long will not immediately move to Quan Lan Island but need to rent a hotel or motel near the pier to rest or visit some tourist attractions on the mainland while waiting for the train. to move to the island. You can book a hotel in Bai Chay area. Then rent a car to Hon Gai to take a boat to Quan Lan island.

According to my experience after many times to Ha Long, White Crown Hotel is an economical and quality choice for you. From here to Hon Gai pier is only 7.2km, takes about 14 minutes by road. The hotel is designed in a modern style with a bit of classicism. Modern equipment and room rates are also quite reasonable. This will be an ideal and economical choice for all tourists when coming to Ha Long.

White Crown Hotel is an appropriate choice when coming to Ha Long 

Above are detailed information on how to book tickets, ticket prices to Quan Lan Island at Hon Gai pier as well as suitable accommodation on the mainland for you. Customers who need to book a hotel room can contact White Crown at the hotline number for detailed advice and quotation. Wishing you a very relaxing and enjoyable holiday.  

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