[LATEST] A super complete 1 day Ha Long travel experience

With a time of 1 day to explore Ha Long Bay, if you know how to arrange it, you will have a complete trip. So with the Ha Long 1-day tour schedule, where to go, what to play, do you know yet? Please refer to the following article.   

General experience when traveling to Ha Long 1 day

To have a 1-day experience in Ha Long, you should “pocket” the following notes:       

Time to go to Ha Long 

Traveling to Ha Long 1 day , you also need to determine for yourself the time to go to avoid the stormy season or the high season with expensive prices. First of all, exploring Ha Long most tourists will visit the bay mainly, so you need to check the weather forecast in advance if it rains, the ship will not be able to depart. Besides, you should also avoid going to Ha Long in the period from May to June, this is the peak season so the price is often very expensive, maybe 2-3 times higher than weekdays. Besides, you should also avoid going on weekends because prices are often higher than midweek.    

The best time to travel to Ha Long is in the summer 

How to get to Ha Long?

To move to Ha Long from Hanoi is very convenient, you can take a bus, a self-driving car, a limousine according to your own preferences. If you take a bus, you can go to My Dinh, Gia Lam or Giap Bat bus stations, there are many bus companies to Ha Long, priced from 100,000 VND / person. If you don’t want to be crowded and move quickly, you can take a limousine for 200,000 VND/person. 

In case you go in a large group and want to be proactive about travel time, you can ride a motorbike. In addition, you can also take the train at Gia Lam station to Ha Long station, this way you will enjoy the scenery along the way. 

Moving to Ha Long by limousine

Suggested Ha Long 1 day tour itinerary 

With a 1-day Ha Long touryou can spend 4-6 hours to explore the bay or if you don’t want to visit the bay, you can have fun at Sunworld Park, check-in the Museum, take a bath. Bai Chay beach, go to Ha Long Old Town, Tuan Chau island… 

Schedule 1: Take a cruise to explore Ha Long Bay 

For the itinerary to visit Ha Long Bay, in 1 day you can only explore the bay with a 6-8 hour tour. Or you can choose a 4-hour tour in the morning and afternoon combined with going to the amusement park. 

Currently, there are 5 routes to visit Ha Long Bay you can refer to such as:

  • Route 1: Cruise Port – Thien Cung – Dau Go – Dinh Huong – Ga Choi (4h duration)
  • Route 2: Cruise Port – Thien Cung – Dau Go – Dinh Huong – Ga Choi – Surprise – Ti Top. (time 6 hours)
  • Route 3: Cruise ship port – Tam Cung – Sung Sot – Titop (6h time)
  • Route 4: Cruise ship port – Me Cung – Sung Sot – Cua Van fishing village – Ba Ham Lake (8h time)
  • Route 5: Cruise ship port – Ngoc Vung – Quan Lan (duration 2 days, one night)

If you have time, you can go to Tuan Chau Island or explore Dragon Park in Ha Long. 

Rent a yacht to explore Ha Long Bay

Schedule 2: Sunworld Park – Bai Chay

If you do not want to visit the bay, you can spend a full day exploring the park and swimming in Ha Long 

Morning: Explore Sunworld Park, participate in many interesting entertainment games, experience the Sun Wheel rotation to admire the scenery of Ha Long Bay, experience the Queen cable car. 

Afternoon: Bathing in Bai Chay beach, taking a scenic walk and participating in recreational games on the beach, teambuilding activities. Then depart for Hanoi. 

Bathing in Bai Chay beach 

Schedule 3: Tuan Chau Island – Quang Ninh Museum – Ha Long Market 

Morning: Move to Ha Long and depart to Tuan Chau Island to have fun, watch dolphin circus, lion circus, seal and watch water music. Ticket price to visit Tuan Chau island is 350,000 VND/person. In addition, you can go for a walk on Tuan Chau beach and relax here. 

Afternoon: Visit Quang Ninh museum, learn about the historical development stages of people in the mining land. Then check-in outside the museum as a souvenir for the trip. Go to Ha Long market to buy seafood and souvenirs as gifts for the trip. 

That is a suggestion on the Ha Long 1-day tour schedule where to go and what to play. Hopefully, the above advice will help you easily plan a trip to discover Ha Long with a time of 1 day. If you plan to rent a hotel in Ha Long to stay overnight, you can refer to the price and book a room here .   

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