Learn about kayaking in Ha Long

Kayaking is one of the most interesting activities that tourists can experience when visiting Ha Long Bay , especially overnight cruises on the bay, most cruises have this activity for for tourists… Not every tourist destination can experience this activity. With favorable terrain for kayaking in Ha Long, it has become an indispensable part as well as a “specialty” when visiting Ha Long ….Let’s learn more about this activity with Dream travel. up paddle kayak plastic Halong nhé!

1/ What’s interesting about Kayaking on Ha Long Bay? 

Calm water:  The waters of Ha Long Bay are extremely calm, so kayaking is easy. Even if you don’t know how to swim, you can still participate in this activity normally.

Understanding local culture:  The fishing village of floating bring simple beauty to the scenery of Halong Bay. Through kayaking, visitors can access and understand more about the very special geological history that has created the sea and rocky islands, caves here; cultural history of prehistoric people who lived in caves millions of years ago; or fascinating thrilling legends; …

Interesting tour:  Not only kayaking, visitors also have the opportunity to visit and experience other activities such as overnight on a luxury yacht, squid fishing, fishing, visiting fishing villages, etc. into memorable experiences.

Unique karst landscape:  Amidst the vast sea ​​of ​​water surrounded by thousands of rocky islands, the boatman feels very small. Nowhere in the world can visitors kayak through the tens of meters long cave formed over millions of years. Through the cave, you will come to a lake like a skylight or a dragon’s eye in the middle of the blue sea with endemic flora and fauna only found here. In some places (such as Luon cave area, tourist route number 2), visitors also have the opportunity to meet lovely golden monkeys. People still say that, to touch the quiet natural beauty of Ha Long, go kayaking.

2/ Interesting places to go Kayaking in Ha Long

Currently, there are  8 points of 5 sightseeing routes on Ha Long Bay that  are licensed to  provide kayaking and bamboo boat services , including: Ba Hang, Luon cave, Dong Tien lake and Trinh Nu cave, Tung Sau cave, Cua Van cave. , Vung Vieng, Co cave, Cong Do.

Specifically, in Ba Hang, the zoned area for kayaking and rowing boats is 16.7ha with a maximum number of 55 kayaks and 60 boats. At Luon cave, the zoned area is 11.84 ha with the number of 100 kayaks and 30 rowing boats. At Dong Tien lake and Trinh Nu cave, the zoned area is 82.62ha, the number of kayaks is 405. At Tung Sau, the zoned area is 76ha, the number of 155 kayaks and 30 rowing boats. At Cua Van, the zoned area is 78.27ha, the number of 200 kayaks and 30 rowing boats. At Vung Vieng, the zoned area is 50.22ha, the number of 200 kayaks and 60 rowing boats. At Co cave, the zoned area is 43.22ha, the number of 150 kayaks. At Cong Do – Tra San, the zoning area is 62.42ha, the number of 200 kayaks. (July 2017 figures, to 2020 this figure may have changed slightly).

3/ How to row a kayak 

To start kayaking, sit inside the boat. Place your back close to the back of the seat, your knees should be comfortably bent. To find the right foothold, straighten your leg and bend it a notch. If you place your legs too straight, you will feel pressure on your lower back. If your legs are bent too much, you may bump into the knee brace of the boat as you row

To figure out where to place your hands on the paddle, start with your arms parallel to the center and about shoulder-width apart. When you bring the paddle above the top of your head, the elbow should make an angle of roughly 90º. The length of the blade and handle of the paddle outside your hand position should be the same. Paddles come in two types: feathered or nonfeathered. The “nonfeathered” type of paddle sharpener is arranged with 2 paddles located on the same line and flat surface. The “feathered” paddle sharpeners are not like that, they are arranged at a certain angle apart from each other.

The main benefit of rotating the paddle blades is to reduce wind resistance and reduce wrist fatigue, because one blade propels into the water and the other blade glides through the wind. The two blades of this paddle are normally rotated at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. The smaller the angle, the easier the wrist works; The wider the angle, the greater the sailing effect.

Rotating paddles are built so that one hand always maintains control. This handle rotates the paddle handle at each stroke so that the paddle blade enters the water at the most effective angle. Most of the paddles are controlled by the right hand. Most travel paddles have a removable handle that allows you to change the handle, changing the angle between the two paddle blades. Which hand to control is down to personal preference, it is not necessary to specify which hand you are. The basic way of rowing is to paddle forward. Place the blade in the water at your toes, then pull back to hip level. Lift the blade up and paddle on the other side

4/ Notes before and during kayaking in Ha Long

Prepare before sailing

The weather is suitable for kayaking: As an outdoor sport, if it rains or storms, kayaking is often prohibited or discouraged to ensure the safety of visitors. On cloudy days or with a few small drops of rain, this activity can still take place, but visitors should prepare a paper raincoat in case of heavy rain. This activity takes place all year round in Ha Long Bay but on hot summer days (from May to September) visitors are advised to bring a hat and water with them. On cold winter days, kayaking can still be done normally because this activity is relatively safe and not afraid of getting wet and cold in calm waters like Ha Long.

– Essentials: water (for kayak tours over 1 hour), sunscreen, bring a waterproof bag to store your camera and electronics.

– Wear a life jacket: Carefully follow instructions and regulations such as wearing a life jacket and fastening the buttons of the life jacket carefully.

– Wear appropriate clothing: Loose, comfortable clothing for exercise: T-shirts and shorts in the summer; warm clothes in winter; Waterproof shoes or sandals. It is recommended to wear a hat and sunglasses when it is sunny, bring a paper raincoat if you are afraid of sudden rain. The water of Ha Long Bay is quite warm in winter, so feel free to kayak any time of the year. However, keep yourself warm after you finish the activity to avoid catching a cold.

– Never kayak while intoxicated.

– Children under 5 years old should not kayak for safety.

While sailing

– It is very important to follow your tour guide, listen to the route, time and rules. Check with your guide about the weather, tides and winds for the best and safest route.

– Keep a suitable distance from others, not too far, keep sight of others to avoid getting lost.

– Even if you are an experienced kayaker, do not get too close to the caves and close to the rocky mountains. You can be very dangerously sucked in.

– Stay away from places with strong currents, against wind; take advantage of the power of wind and currents.

– Adjust the speed of the whole party if any member is out of sight.

– Do not stand on the boat, do not separate the group (rowing too fast or too slow), do not litter (for those who have a long and long boating trip, it is best for each boat to prepare a plastic bag to dispose of personal trash) and pick up trash on the rowing path)…

– In case the boat capsizes, you need to get out of the boat and swim a little while waiting for the guide to come help you. He will help you flip the boat by placing one end of your boat on his boat in a T shape then flip your boat the right way and help you climb back onto the boat.

If a storm is expected, find the safest place in sheltered areas, the beach, from the storm. In case the passenger is in the middle of the sea and cannot find a safe place, the passenger needs to be gathered to make a raft Rowing is an extremely interesting activity in Ha Long Bay.

5/ Kayaking fee in Ha Long

Luon Cave Area

– Kayaking ticket price:  50,000 VND / time / 2 people

– Boat ticket price:  30,000 VND / person / time / person

– Ticket price for speedboat:  100,000 VND / 15 minutes / 1 person and 120,000 VND / 20 minutes / 1 person

– Service provider:  Nam Tung One Member Limited Liability Company + Phone: 0935.226.888

Ba Hang area:  

– Kayaking ticket price:  40,000VND/1 person

– Boat ticket price:  40,000VND/person

– Service provider  : Van fishing cooperative Fairy boat + Phone: 0989.883.110

Lom Bo Island area:

There are kayaks of some overnight ships sent to the island, kayaking services have been included in the cost of tourists’ overnight cruises by travel companies.

Cua Van area:

– Kayaking ticket price:  100,000 VND / 1 piece / hour

– Boat ticket price:  60,000 VND / person / 1 hour

– Service provider:  Hai Phong Ha Long Joint Stock Company + Phone: 0978.781.423

Grass Cave area:

The price of services: kayaking, fishing experience service … have been calculated by Indochina Joint Stock Company in the cost of buying tours of tourists.

Cong Dam area:

The price of services: kayaking, fishing experience service … have been calculated by Indochina Joint Stock Company in the cost of buying tours of tourists.

Vung Vieng area:

– Kayaking ticket price:  50,000 VND / person / 1 hour

– Boat ticket price:  50,000 VND / 1 person / 1 hour

– Ticket price for traditional dragon boating:  100,000 VND / 1 person / 1 hour

– Service provider:  Ha Long Van Chai Tourist Service Cooperative + Phone: 0936.451.823

Cong Do overnight area:

There are kayaks of some overnight ships sent to the island, kayaking services have been included in the cost of tourists’ overnight cruises by travel companies.

Hon Ban Chan Sand Beach area:

– Kayaking ticket price:  50,000 VND / person / 1 hour

– Service provider: Ha Long Van Chai Tourist Service Cooperative + Phone: 0936.451.823

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