List of tourist attractions in Ha Long not to be missed

Ha Long is a famous tourist destination attracting people’s hearts. This place is an invaluable gift that nature bestows on Quang Ninh with many attractive and beautiful landscapes. Coming to Ha Long, you absolutely should not miss the interesting Ha Long tourist attractions that we will list below. Follow along!

Sun World Ha Long Park entertainment complex

The first name in the list of tourist attractions in Ha Long that we want to share is the Sun World Ha Long Park complex. Coming to this place, you will be lost in the land of interesting, unique and new games. In addition, at Sun World you will also experience thrilling games that have never appeared in Vietnam such as:

+ Fast flying dragon

Sun World Ha Long Park amusement park 

+ Following the Traces of Rage

+ Pirate Ship

+ Some exciting adventure games such as Magic Umbrella, Tropical Yacht, Magic Ferris Wheel, …

Coming to Sun World Ha Long Park, you can not only test your courage but also satisfy the thirst of summer when immersed in games at the unique water park with the largest wave pool in the area. northern region.

Yen Tu pagoda relic site

Yen Tu, also known as Bach Van Son, is a 1,068m high mountain. Since ancient times, this place has been considered the famous mountain of Vietnam, but this place was only really famous when King Tran Nhan Tong gave up the throne to come here to practice, study Buddhism and become the first ancestor of Vietnam. Truc Lam – Yen Tu Zen sect. Since then, this place has become a very famous spiritual tourist destination and the thought capital of Vietnamese Buddhism.

Yen Tu Pagoda – Ha Long 

Over many years of history, the relics of Yen Tu remain 11 pagodas and hundreds of temples, towers, steles, and Buddha statues that are the convergence of the quintessence of many sophisticated architectural and sculpture styles of the era. Coming to Yen Tu, your soul will become unusually relaxed and quiet.

Sung Sot Cave – the largest and most beautiful cave in Ha Long Bay

Sung Sot Cave is located deep in the heart of Ha Long Bay and is located on Bo Hon Island. This cave is about 8km from Tuan Chau pier. Sung Sot Cave is about 25 to 30 meters from sea level, to enter the cave, visitors will have to go through 140 stone steps. True to its name, when entering the cave, you will be “surprised” by the enchanting beauty bestowed on this place by the Creator. The cave is divided into 2 main compartments:

+ The first compartment has a very large space, the ceiling is covered with a layer of iridescent and sparkling velvet carpet and the stalactite system is like crystal lights to make the cave more magical.

+ The back compartment is a world of stalactites with diverse shapes like stone elephants, seals, etc. All images will make visitors feel like they are lost in a fairyland.

From Ha Long pier or Tuan Chau tourist port, if you want to go to Sung Sot cave, you should buy a ticket to visit route 2. Referring to tourist attractions in Ha Long, it is absolutely impossible to ignore Sung Sot cave.

Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung Cave is located in the north of Dau Go Island and 4km south of Tuan Chau cruise port. In the past, Thien Cung cave was discovered by a fisherman at an altitude of about 25 meters above sea level. In any space in the cave you will also see stalactites and stalagmites, etc. These blocks form very strange animal shapes such as Dragon, Phuong, Elephant, Snake, etc.

The beauty of Thien Cung cave

Thien Cung is the residence of the Jade Emperor, so the scenery inside the cave is the perfect masterpiece of nature. This is also a destination that is being loved by many domestic and international tourists every time they come to Ha Long Bay.

Cua Van Fishing Village

The last place in the list of tourist attractions in Ha Long that we want to send to you in today’s article is Cua Van fishing village. This place is known as the largest and most beautiful fishing village on Ha Long Bay. In the past, there were more than 300 raft houses with thousands of people. However, now it has been re-planned to combine with tourism.

Coming to Cua Van, you can not only immerse yourself in the peaceful and quiet space of the clear and cool blue water, but also have the opportunity to experience the daily life of the fishermen. Especially if you choose a night tour, you will be able to try your hand at night squid fishing with the people here.

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Cua Van fishing village 

Above we have shared tourist attractions in Ha Long that anyone should not miss. Hope this information is useful to you. Wish you have a fun and relaxing trip in Ha Long Bay. 

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