Notes when traveling on Ha Long cruise

There are many tourists who have visited Ha Long but are not satisfied with their trip. Because they are inexperienced, they often forget quite important things or do not understand the service during the trip, especially when using the cruise service. Refer to our article below to have a wonderful trip to Ha Long!

1. Prepare your luggage

To have a fun and convenient trip, the first thing you need to do is prepare your luggage. You need to prepare the following items:

– Personal papers including identity card (CCCD card), passport (if any), birth certificate to register for overnight stay on the yacht.

– Shampoo, shower gel, brush, toothpaste, sunscreen

Need to prepare enough luggage when traveling on Ha Long cruise 

– If you like to see nature, you should prepare yourself an extra pair of sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to limit the glare of Ha Long.

Visiting Ha Long will combine visiting some caves, so it is necessary to prepare an extra pair of soft flip flops to create a comfortable feeling for your feet when visiting.

– Going to the beach, so remember to bring a swimsuit. If you do not prepare in time, you can rent it for a price from 25 to 50 thousand depending on the type.

– If you are a photography enthusiast, remember to bring a camera to capture the beautiful natural scenery here!

2. Has the Halong cruise tour included all costs?

Usually, when you book a tour or book a room on a yacht, the cost of meals and tickets to tours is already included. However, when ordering, you should also ask carefully what costs are included in this price to consider choosing.

3. Safety issues of overnight ships at sea

Ha Long is a famous tourist destination and attracts many other tourists. Quang Ninh’s inland waterway port authority pays special attention to the safety of visitors. If the weather is bad, the yacht will not be allowed to stay overnight on the bay.

Moreover, each yacht is fully equipped with a lot of swimming buoys and life jackets for guests to always ensure safety. There are also many ships moored on the bay, so if the yacht you are chartering has an emergency, you will receive timely relief.

The yacht is always equipped with a lot of swimming buoys 

4. Notes when traveling on Ha Long cruise

– If you choose to book an overnight cruise, you should register for a direct transport service from Hanoi – Ha Long – Hanoi to facilitate sightseeing and save money and time.

– Carefully read the safety regulations and follow the instructions of the shipyard staff to avoid unfortunate incidents.

– Absolutely obey and listen to the instructions of the service staff on the ship.

– When staying overnight on the cruise, all passengers are not allowed to bring drinks or food on the cruise because they will be charged an expensive service fee. All necessary food and drink on the yacht are served.

5. Top best cruises in Ha Long Bay

For the most perfect Ha Long cruise, the important issue that you need to pay attention to is choosing a quality yacht. Here are the yachts that received very good feedback and reviews from travelers.

+ President Cruise: This yacht is known to many tourists for its high quality of service. This is also the first yacht to apply the 2-star menu of the famous Michelin chef. Not only that, it is also famous for the unique entertainment service of the Jazz band from Brazil and the professional butler service.

President Cruises 

+ Scarlet Pearl Cruise: This is one of the new and largest yachts in Ha Long Bay. It is luxuriously designed with 23 cabins that combine traditional Vietnamese features and classic Norwegian charm. All rooms have private balconies with wide views.

In addition, there is a Ha Long cruise service by hour with a cheaper price. Young tourists can choose this form to save money. You can choose a place to stay on the mainland and then rent a yacht by the hour to explore Ha Long.

So which hotel to rent in Ha Long is cheap and quality? White Crown is the perfect choice with an average price, full facilities, 3-star service quality. This hotel is at number 11, lane 17, Anh Dao street, Bai Chay ward, Ha Long city. From here, you can go to the sea only about 6 minutes walk, near Sun World park, Bai Chay port, etc. Customers can contact to book rooms easily through hotline or website of White Crown.

Pictures of White Crown Hotel 

We hope that the information we share above will bring you useful experiences for your Halong cruise trip. Hello and see you in the next posts. 

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