Pocket tips for choosing a hotel in Ha Long

Ha Long is one of the most attractive destinations in the North today. Every year, this city welcomes millions of tourists to visit. Therefore, choosing a hotel in Ha Long is a very important thing. Before coming to Ha Long, please pocket the following notes that we share!

Hotel booking time

Ha Long weather is typical of the humid tropics with a distinct 4 seasons. Summer is when the temperature is highest, and winter is the lowest. Tourists often visit this bay from April to August to avoid the heat and participate in recreational activities at sea such as boating, skydiving, windsurfing, etc. Services are discounted and hotels in Ha Long also have many promotions.

Choose the right booking time 

However, Ha Long Bay often encounters storms or tropical depressions at the end of July – August, so many activities outside the sea will not be allowed to operate. Autumn weather in Ha Long is quite pleasant and attractive. It is sunny, with few clouds, so it is very suitable for relaxing on the beach. There are no storms at this time, so travel will still be very safe. 

If you are a lover of tranquility, this is also another suitable time because the number of tourists is not crowded and you do not have to worry about running out of rooms. Although there is no shortage of hotel and motel services in Ha Long, the number of tourists flocking here every day is very crowded, so the situation of running out of rooms occurs often. If you want to travel here, you should book a hotel in Ha Long 2 weeks in advance.

Choose a place to live that fits your budget

Ha Long has many entertainment and sightseeing places. Therefore, the prices of hotels will also be divided by area. Clusters of hotels in Ha Long will be classified according to 3 main areas: along Ha Long street, Hai Quan junction and Vuon Dao.

The area along Ha Long road has the best view close to the sea and overlooks the extremely airy bay with fresh air. This is also home to many high-class hotels of 4-5 stars or more. The average price in this area is 1 million / night, on holidays and weekends, the room price will increase higher.

Choose a place of residence that is suitable for your economy 

The second area is Vuon Dao, where there are more affordable hotels from 300 to 700 thousand / day. Hai Quan T-junction is the concentration of budget hotels and the prices are much cheaper. Room rates here are only from 200 to 300 thousand / night.

Please read the hotel information carefully before booking

Not only need to be aware of the time of booking and the location of the hotel, but you also need to find out about the hotel information that you intend to book. Some things that you need to find out carefully when booking a hotel room such as:

+ Are additional services charged?

+ What are the check-in and check-out times?

+ Payment methods

+ How is food service calculated? …

To avoid incurring additional fees, you should ask carefully before booking. In addition, you should also read the reviews of guests who have stayed here and look at the pictures they provide to assess whether this hotel is reputable.

Learn more about the hotel 

Which hotel in Ha Long is reputable and cheap to rent?

The fact that there are too many choices will sometimes make it difficult for travelers to know where to book a room. Through my own experience and distilling from everyone’s reviews, I would like to recommend the White Crown Hotel. This is a hotel at Lane 17, Anh Dao Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City. This place is special for families with children or young people because it is very close to Sun World HaLong Park and Bai Chay market.

White Crown Hotel in Bai Chay 

There are various types of single and double rooms to suit all needs of customers. Each room is modernly equipped with a flat-screen TV, overlooking Bai Chay bridge, some special rooms also have a balcony so you can enjoy the view. Coming to White Crown, visitors will receive the following facilities:

+ Free wifi service with high speed

+ Free hot or cold breakfast served at the restaurant from 6am to 9am

+ The reception staff are friendly and serve 24 hours, fluent in many languages

+ Laundry and ironing service

+ Free parking

Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind before booking a hotel in Ha Long. Hopefully this sharing will help you gain more useful knowledge to prepare for your trip to Ha Long. See you in the next posts. 

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