Revealing the best price for renting Ha Long hotel

Are you looking for the cheapest hotel in Ha Long at this time? Are you planning to organize a trip to discover Ha Long for the upcoming summer? Don’t worry, our sharing below gives you more useful information.

Notes when renting Ha Long hotel

Ha Long is a very attractive destination for tourists. It has beautiful scenes that nature bestows on man. Modern, luxurious and classy amusement parks and resorts are always an ideal destination. However, to have a safe and convenient trip to Ha Long, you should also have certain understandings. One of the important factors is the note when renting a hotel in Ha Long.

Please check the price before booking a hotel

Currently on the market there are many accommodation establishments that provide accommodation for tourists with many competitive prices. You can choose a motel, homestay or choose a hotel as a resort. However, for convenience and comfort, you should choose to rent a hotel when coming to Ha Long. Room rates can be found on the hotel’s website. You can also call the hotel number to make a reservation. The price depends on the length of stay and the location of the hotel in which you rent the room. 

Refrigerator is located in the hotel room

Overall check of the room

This is very important because the hotel room is where you stay for a few days of travel. You should check the entire room to see if the equipment is complete, comfortable, new or not. Silkworm room, bed, wardrobe… have any problems to overcome. If there is, you should immediately notify the hotel staff for timely repair.

Store valuables neatly

If you travel and bring valuables with you, put them in safe, neat places. Do not throw it indiscriminately to avoid being lost. Should be stored in a safe place for convenient search and use.

Do not open the door in a hurry when you hear a knock on the door

When you hear a knock on the door, you should not rush to open the door but look through the small hole to see who it is. You need to ask out loud who it is? To determine who is waiting for you at the door. Prevent bad guys from breaking in and threatening you.

Ask hotel staff in advance when eating in-room food

In the hotel refrigerator or on the table, there are often fruits and candies available. You should ask the hotel staff in advance if there is a fee before eating. There are many hotels that offer free food, but many places charge a fee. You need to ask the staff before eating and drinking in the room.

Where to rent Ha Long hotel with good price?

During the tourist season, in Ha Long, there are many motels and hotels open to welcome visitors. Choosing a comfortable, affordable hotel makes you a headache. Come to us, White Crown hotel will surely make you satisfied. The hotel is at address 11, lane 17, Anh Dao street, Bai Chay, Quang Ninh. The hotel is 3 star international standard, top quality.

Where to rent cheap Ha Long hotel?

There are many different types of rooms here to suit your needs. The system of rooms is equipped with modern and comfortable facilities (air conditioning, television, wifi). There are also other facilities that come with such as shuttle bus at the airport, pier. The 24-hour front desk provides information when needed. The hotel also has a swimming pool for guests to relax and have fun. There is a restaurant serving buffet for guests who need to eat. 

Hotel room photo

The hotel is located right in the center of the city so it is easy to find. Especially close to commercial centers and markets, convenient for tourists to shop and eat. The hotel is comfortable and luxurious but the price is very affordable, committed to bringing customers the cheapest price in the market. You can check prices on the hotel’s website or call the switchboard directly. 

New entertainment spots in Ha Long

Coming to Ha Long, in addition to taking a cruise to see the Bay, you can also go to one of the popular places such as:

Quang Ninh Museum

Quang Ninh Museum is currently the most shared check-in point by young people. When it comes to the museum, people think it’s very dry and old. But with Quang Ninh museum you will see a completely different appearance. Modern design with a luxurious black overall, you will be overwhelmed with the architecture here.

Quang Ninh Museum

Sun World Ha Long

Another place that is also very interested by young people is Sun World Ha Long. This is the largest amusement park in Ha Long with an area of ​​214ha. Including 2 areas that are Dragon Park (Dragon Park) and water park (Typhoon Water park). There is also a 2km long sea-crossing cable car system that will help you see the whole Ha Long Bay from above. You will be playing thrilling games extremely refreshing. Please visit this place when you have the opportunity to come to Ha Long.

Above are suggestions on the notes when renting a Ha Long hotel. You will have some additional information necessary to not be surprised when traveling here. Wish you have a happy and safe trip. 


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