[Review] Food “must try” when visiting Ha Long

Quang Ninh is not only known for Ha Long Bay but also famous for its once-in-a-lifetime specialties. Visiting Ha Long is not only about sightseeing but also discovering all the special things here. Of course, there is no shortage of food. Here are the dishes that you “must try” when coming to Ha Long.

1. Vermicelli (rice paper) with seafood

Vermicelli and seafood rice paper are the most popular dishes chosen by many people, especially Hanoi tourists. Vermicelli and seafood rice paper are available in many provinces and cities, but there will be no place as special as Ha Long. Surely you will have a special feeling because this place is a paradise of fresh seafood.

Vermicelli (rice paper) with seafood 

A bowl of vermicelli, seafood rice cake with shrimp, tofu, squid, crab meat, fish cake, vegetables or celery. The sweetness of the seafood and broth blends with the freshness of the raw vegetables to make a great combination. This is a dish that you absolutely cannot miss when visiting Ha Long.

2. Son of Sam

Sam is a specialty dish of Quang Ninh and can be processed a lot of dishes. In the past, people did not eat sam, but now it has become a very popular specialty. Not every sea has sam. A special feature of sam is that when processing, usually kill a male and a female, kill one, the person who eats will often be allergic or have a cold stomach when eating.

There are many dishes made from sam such as sweet and sour fried sam, egg making, sam rolls, etc., all of which are delicious and unique. Although very tasty, if you are a person with a history of allergies or a weak stomach, you should not try sam because it is a type of seafood with welding properties. The most famous place to enjoy sam when visiting Ha Long is Sam Ba Ty at Lane 6 Cao Thang. You can also buy Sam in Quang Yen on the way back to Hanoi, which is also very delicious.

Sauteed sweet and sour Sam 

3. Stir-fried snails

When you come to Ha Long, you definitely cannot ignore the fried snail dish. This is not only a favorite dish of tourists, but also very popular with locals. Its price is also quite cheap, suitable for many objects, the price ranges from only 35,000 VND / plate. Enjoy fried snails, you should not go to code restaurants, eat at sidewalk restaurants.

Snails that are stir-fried with soy sauce, tamarind sauce or coconut are all very special and easy to cause “remembering” for people to eat. You can refer to a few delicious snail restaurants in Ha Long such as:

+ The snail shop next to the alley next to the Quang Ninh museum right on Nguyen Van Cu street. There are 2 snail shops near each other, but they are both delicious and always very crowded

+ Van Lang sidewalk snail shop: There is a very good fried snail restaurant here, but the price is quite high.

Almost all snail shops in Ha Long serve a variety of snails with different processing methods. In addition, you can also enjoy oysters, lime juice at these locations.

4. Visiting Ha Long – Banh cuon served with pounded squid

Banh cuon is a very popular dish that can be found anywhere, but served with squid rolls, it is only available in Ha Long. The speciality of this delicious dish depends a lot on the freshness of the squid. Delicious squid cake is when you bite into it, you have to feel the crunchy and delicious taste of fresh squid pounded by hand. The dipping sauce must be sour and sweet, mixed with a little spicy chili flavor.

Squid roll cake 

To enjoy the most delicious squid cake rolls, when the cake is finished, it is still hot sprinkled with some dried onions and served with some squid and herbs. The oldest and most appreciated squid cake shop in Ha Long is Mrs. Ngan’s restaurant, right next to Bach Dang cinema. The price of this dish is also quite reasonable, only about 40,000 / serving.

5. Sea clams porridge

Mussel porridge is a very famous snack in both Hanoi and many other provinces. However, in Ha Long, this dish is cooked by sea mussels, not river mussels like other places. Mussel porridge, if eaten with green onions, minced Chinese flavor and dried onions, will create a very special flavor. The places to enjoy delicious mussel porridge that you should try are:

+ Go from the street to the Vietcombank building and enter the first shop on the left. There are also very special pillow cakes for sale here.

+ At Ha Long market, there are 2 snack areas and a very delicious mussel porridge shop

The price of each bowl of mussel porridge is from 15 to 20 thousand VND.

If you want to enjoy the cuisine of Ha Long, when you come here, you should choose a hotel near the center and the market. White Crown is a 3-star luxury hotel located right in the heart of Ha Long. Its exact location is at house number 11, lane 17, Anh Dao street, Bai Chay ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province. 

White Crown Hotel 

White Crown is very close to Bai Chay market and many delicious restaurants. You can choose 1 of 45 comfortable and modern rooms here to rest. For more information about rooms, quotes, customers can refer to the hotel’s website or contact hotline 0203 3834 534.

Hopefully with our sharing above you can discover Ha Long cuisine more easily. Wish everyone have a fun and relaxing trip to Ha Long. See you in the next posts.

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