Suggested interesting activities to try when traveling to Ha Long

Ha Long is a tourist destination that attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists. Here, we will share about the attractive activities that you must try when traveling to Ha Long . Follow the article to get more experience for your trip!

Travel Ha Long by boat to enjoy the scenery

A place that you cannot miss when visiting Ha Long is Ha Long Bay. It would not be interesting to come to Ha Long without visiting this place. You have 2 options to go explore Ha Long tour. The first is to rent a yacht to go sightseeing around the bay. Or you can also rent a cruise ship.

Train ticket price to visit Ha Long

Prices vary depending on the type of ship. If you are traveling in a large group, chartering a private boat is the perfect choice. The cost is also not too expensive. An hour, a private boat will cost about 700k to 1 million. In the peak colors of tourism, the price will be slightly different.

Visiting Ha Long by train 

If you go alone or 2, 3 people, you can choose the form of joining train. This form will save much more costs than renting separately. Ticket prices will range from 100 to 150k for 1 ticket.

Ticket price for VIP cruise boat ride

Cruise tickets are more expensive than sightseeing boats. However its service and quality are superior. For a 4-hour train ride, customers will have to pay 1.2 million / hour, a total of 4 hours is 4.8 million. As the time increases, the rent will also increase by the hour. On board, there are full facilities such as fan, air conditioner, karaoke. If anyone has a need to eat, the ship will also serve at the price of 120k / serving including specialties of Ha Long.

Ha Long tour – experience “sleeping on the sea”

Currently, travel companies offer extremely unique overnight Ha Long tours. There is nothing more attractive than lying on the beach watching the stars and fresh nature. Early in the morning, you can watch the sunrise or experience squid fishing with fishermen at sunset.

Experience “sleeping on the sea” when traveling to Ha Long 

Normally, a night tour will last 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 VND. The price will depend on whether the service you choose is affordable or luxurious. You can choose to rent a yacht or rent a tent to sleep right on the beach. If you go on your own, you will have to buy tickets to visit the bay and tickets to attractions if you take a private boat. When you come to Ha Long for the first time, you should book the services of travel agencies to cover all costs.

Enjoy the view from above by seaplane

Seaplane is the most luxurious service here. Sitting on a seaplane, you can see the beautiful Ha Long from an altitude of 150 – 3000m. It only takes about 45 minutes for you to see Tuan Chau Island, stretching beaches, and caves from above. This service is provided by Hai Au airline at a reasonable price.

Take part in kayaking while on Ha Long tour

Kayaking is a sport activity that has existed for a long time and is very familiar to people around the world. Ha Long Bay is one of the ideal and attractive places for kayaking. It can be said that Ha Long Bay is the “originating place” of kayaking activities in Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay is surrounded by thousands of majestic rocky islands that make boaters feel very small. There is no place where tourists can row a boat through a cave that is tens of meters long. Passing through the cave is a blue lake, wonderful scenery and rich flora and fauna. To be able to touch the quiet beauty of Ha Long, when you come to this place, you must definitely try kayaking.

Join Kayaking 

Which hotel should I stay at when traveling to Ha Long?

In Ha Long, there are many hotels from budget to luxury depending on your budget. During the holidays or summer, there is a constant fire situation, so consider booking early. For convenience and cost savings for your trip, you should rent a hotel close to the place you want to visit the most. It is best for tourists to choose hotels near the sea and have a reasonable price that suits them best.

White Crown Hotel Ha Long 

White Crown is one of the 3 star standard hotels that fully meet the above requirements. The prices here are also very reasonable. Each room here has a price ranging from 300k to 500k depending on the time and type of room. The hotel has a convenient location close to Sun World Ha Long Complex, Dragon Park, Sun World amusement park,…and has a beautiful view overlooking Bai Chay bridge.

The specific address of White Crown is at house number 1, lane 17, Anh Dao, Bai Chay, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province.

So we have just introduced to you some interesting activities to try when traveling to Ha Long. Along with that is the hotel address that you should choose to rest when coming to this place. Hope these sharing can make your trip more perfect and wonderful. Have fun.

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