Suggesting 3 islands in Ha Long “thousands of people love”

Ha Long tourism is a very attractive journey. This beautiful coastal city is especially famous for its majestic natural scenery. Promises to bring visitors many interesting experiences. Join us to discover the 3 most beautiful islands in Ha Long that you must definitely visit when coming to this place.

Ti Top Island – the green paradise of Ha Long Bay

One of the most attractive islands in Ha Long is Ti Top. This island is located in a very favorable position right in the center of the bay. The topography of this island is also quite unique and interesting. Ti Top has a steep cliff and a steep slope for visitors to conquer. If you want to climb to the top of the mountain, you will have to overcome more than 400 steps. Therefore, before coming to Ti Top, you should prepare your health and full luggage.

The beauty of Ti Top Island 

Once you have conquered all the steps, you will reach the highest place of the island to see the clouds and the clear blue water of Ha Long Bay. A charming poetic scene, a beautiful natural picture will appear right in front of your eyes. When you look at the surroundings, you will feel so peaceful. Space and time seem to stop at this wonderful moment.

Ti Top not only attracts people by its special terrain but also owns a beautiful beach. The smooth stretch of sand with shimmering, fanciful scenery makes all visitors fall in love. The beach at Ti Top is not large but still retains the wild character, the quietness and the pleasant climate. In addition, on the island, there are many other attractive entertainment services such as skydiving, kayaking, buoy pulling, etc.

Dragon’s Eye Island – The perfect masterpiece of nature

Dragon Eye Island is located in the south of Ha Long Bay. The reason it is called Dragon Eye Island is because this island has a very perfect terrain. A lake in the center of the island resembles a dragon’s eye. Thanks to its natural white sand beach and unique landscape, Dragon Eye Island will make visitors have beautiful and unforgettable memories. With a private and quiet space, this place is especially suitable for couples.

The perfect picture of nature – Dragon’s Eye Island 

This island is also close to Lan Ha Bay of Cat Ba, so people can combine tourism very conveniently. This is also one of the islands in Ha Long that is attracting a lot of tourists from all over the world. Although this island has been exploited for tourism, it still retains its original wild and primitive features. Viewed from above, Dragon’s Eye Island is a perfect work created by the hands of mother nature.

The total area of ​​this island is 30ha with a bow shape and is blocked by two mountain ranges covering the lake bed and fine white sand. On hot summer days, Dragon Eye Island is the ideal destination to avoid the heat. Help you enjoy peace after tiring working days. Behind the sandy beach is a primeval forest with rich flora and fauna and runs all the way to the end of the beach.

Soi Sim Island – The island in Ha Long is peaceful

Soi Sim Island is the last island that we want to mention in this list. Soi Sim is located in the west of the bay with diverse and rich flora. The island is completely isolated from the outside world, so it is extremely quiet and peaceful. Coming to this place, all the troubles will disappear, leaving only the irresistible beauty of the blue sea, white sand and golden sunshine.

This place stands out with the brilliant purple myrtle forest. This is also the most abundant plant on the island. It is also for this reason that it is called Soi Sim. Everything creates a magical attraction that visitors who have come once will remember and never forget.

Soi Sim Island 

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In the above article, we have introduced the 3 most attractive islands in Ha Long. Hope this information will be useful for your upcoming trip. Surely visiting these islands will help you have the best summer vacation.  


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