Suggestions for a 1-day Ha Long tour where to go, what to discover?

Ha Long 1-day tour is quite a short time to explore the beauty of the coastal city, but if you know how to arrange it, you will have a trip full of experiences. Let’s refer to the suggestions of Ha Long 1-day tour where to go, what to play below for the upcoming trip. 

Main experiences of Ha Long 1 day tour

Before referring to the specific schedule of Ha Long 1-day tour , you should learn about the main experiences such as: 

Kayaking : This is an interesting activity that many tourists love, sailing on the sea to explore the rocky islands located on the bay. 

Visiting caves : In Ha Long Bay, there are natural caves with unique architecture such as: Thien Cung Cave, Thien Canh Son cave, Sung Sot cave, Trinh Nu cave… Let’s go deep inside the cave to admire the scenery. and the mysterious beauty of the cave system. 

Climbing, exploring the beach : The next activity in Ha Long 1 day tour is to explore the beautiful beaches or trek the mountains to admire the surrounding scenery. 

Join cooking class, sunnet party : An experience to help visitors relax during their trip. Accordingly, you can enjoy a glass of wine watching the sunset, take a cooking class…

Kayaking is an interesting experience when exploring Ha Long for 1 day

How long does it take to explore Ha Long 1 day tour? 

Ha Long 1 day tour you can choose 3 – 4 or 5 hour tour, but now the time is more flexible. Specifically, please refer to the following: 

Ha Long Discovery Tour 4 hours

With a 4-hour tour, you will be able to visit the most famous places in Ha Long Bay including: Dinh Huong, Dog Stone Island, Ba Hang fishing village, Thien Cung cave, kayaking or bamboo boat. Departure from Ha Long port or Tuan Chau port. 

5 – 6 hours Halong Bay tour 

Ha Long 1 day tour you will go further and visit Sung Sot cave, this is the largest cave system in Ha Long Bay. In addition, you can also go to Titop Island to bathe and admire the beauty of Ha Long Bay from above. Specific schedule: Sung Sot Cave – Luon Cave – Titop Island.

Ha Long Bay 7 hour tour 

During 7 hours, visitors have plenty of time to explore the beaches, caves, boating with many fascinating experiences. If you choose a 7-hour tour, you need to hire a private boat. The itinerary includes: Trinh Nu Cave – Sung Sot Cave – Titop Island. Departure point from Tuan Chau port.

Ha Long 1 day discovery tour with many options

Some routes to visit Ha Long Bay 1 day 

Currently, Ha Long 1-day tour includes 3 main sightseeing routes with different places of discovery: 

Route to visit the center of Ha Long Bay 

  • Location: Thien Cung cave, Sung Sot cave, Titop island, Trinh Nu cave, Luon cave… 
  • Visiting time: 4-5-7 hours. 

Route to visit Bai Tu Long Bay

  • Itinerary: Vong Vieng fishing village, Thien Canh Son cave, Cong Do.
  • Time: 4-5 hours.

Visiting Lan Ha Bay – Cat Ba Island

  • This is a combined route with visiting Lan Ha Bay on Cat Ba Island (Hai Phong. The itinerary includes: Dark Cave, Bright Cave, Quan Y Cave, Trung Trang Cave, Lan Ha Bay, kayaking, exploring the national forest. Cat Ba. 
  • Visiting time: 5-7 – 8 hours. 

Ha Long discovery tour combined with the famous Lan Ha Bay

Suggested itinerary for Ha Long 1 day tour 

Let’s refer to some suggestions about Ha Long 1-day tour schedule below: 

Itinerary (4 hours): Ha Long Port – Dog Stone Island – Dinh Huong Islet – Ba Hang – Ga Choi Islet – Thien Cung Cave 

  • 7h-7h30: Departure to Ha Long port to buy tickets to board the ship. 
  • 9h: Then visit places: Dinh Huong Islet, Da Dog Island, Ba Hang and experience taking a bamboo boat or kayaking to admire the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay. 
  • 10h: Visit Ga Choi islet, which is considered the symbol of Ha Long Bay. 
  • 10:30: Explore Thien Cung cave, a famous beautiful cave in Ha Long. 
  • 11:30: Lunch and rest.
  • 12h departure to Ha Long port.

For a 4-hour tour, it only takes the morning or afternoon to explore Ha Long Bay. For the rest of the time, you can move to other famous tourist destinations in Ha Long such as: 

  • Sun World Ha Long Park amusement park complex 
  • Quang Ninh Museum
  • Ha Long Flower Park 
  • Ha Long seafood market buys specialties as gifts 

That is a suggestion on where to go and what to explore in Ha Long 1 day tour. Many tourists book a 1-day tour of Ha Long but still have the need to stay overnight in this beautiful coastal city. White Crown Hotel is the number 1 stopover in Ha Long today with advantages such as: Reasonable price – good service quality – beautiful, modern hotel – near attractions. With only the price from 500,000 VND – 800,000 VND/night, you can already choose White Crown Hotel for your trip. Please contact hotline 0203 3834 534 today for advice and book a room with the most attractive and preferential price. 

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