The cheapest hotel room in Ha Long in the market

Ha Long tourism is an attractive option for the upcoming summer. You have planned to organize a trip to explore this beautiful city. However, you still do not know how much is the current price of a hotel room in Ha Long? Where to go, what’s delicious in Ha Long’s specialties? The following article will give you some “cool” suggestions.

What factors do hotel room rates depend on?

When you choose a hotel, choosing the best room rate is always a top priority. However, you do not have much experience in this matter. Here we will give some information for your reference what are the factors that affect room rates.

Hotel location and facilities

Whether the hotel is located in the center or in the suburbs is a factor that affects the price of the room. Hotels located in an alley or street, near the sea or not are the basis for calculating hotel room rates. If you choose the area in the center and near the sea, the room price will be more expensive than other places. In addition, the facilities at the hotel where you stay are also important for the price of the room. If the hotel has a spacious and newly renovated facility, there will certainly be an increase in room rates.

Room location and room type

The choice of room facing the sea or not, high or low floor also has a little difference in price. Choose from standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and premier rooms with different prices.

Hotels near the sea often have higher prices

Number of rooms to rent

If you rent a room in a large number, or rent for a group, the room price is somewhat more preferential. You should consider your options. 

Competitor room rates

With hotels with the same location, the same star class, the standard also has very attractive prices. You should pay attention and find out in advance to book the cheapest room rate.

Room rental time

In addition to the factors mentioned above, the rental period also affects the room price. If in high season and on weekends, room rates will definitely be very expensive. Even treatment, it is not possible to book a room because the hotels are “burned out”.

Cheapest hotel room price in Ha Long 

The price of hotel rooms in Ha Long today is also very diverse with many different qualities. If you are still wondering, the article shares with you the address of the cheapest international standard hotel in Ha Long.

White Crown Hotel

The hotel is about 37km from Cat Bi national airport, located in the heart of Ha Long city. The hotel is located at 11 lane 17, Anh Dao street, Bai Chay, Ha Long. White Crown is a 3-star hotel of international standards. Near entertainment centers, entertainment, markets, shopping areas are very convenient. The hotel has a swimming pool area. buffet dining, high speed wifi. There is a car rental service at home, the front desk is friendly and enthusiastic. With 45 rooms of different sizes to suit all customer needs.

Inside the White Crown Hotel

You will be served attentively and enthusiastically when experiencing the room rental service here. With modern equipment and facilities, providing customers with the most comfort.  

Launch at the White Crown Hotel 

Photo 3: The cheapest Ha Long hotel room at White Crown

At White Crown Hotel there are many types of rooms and rates for you to choose from. Please visit the website to look up details.

A must-try dish when coming to Ha Long

In addition to the address with the cheapest hotel room in Ha Long, there are also delicious dishes. Ha Long not only attracts tourists by its beautiful scenery but also has attractive specialties. Here are the dishes you should enjoy when traveling to Ha Long.

Squid rolls

Grilled squid is a proud specialty of Ha Long people. Squid rolls are available everywhere, but only in Ha Long is it delicious. Squid rolls are yellow, often fried, and have a very delicious taste when eaten. You should buy some squid rolls to eat or as a gift. 

Ha Long squid cake specialties

Squid roll cake

The rustic squid cake rolls also fascinate many diners. At the market or the restaurant, there is this attractive dish. You should take the time to enjoy.

Nodding cake

Nodding cake has a very strange name, many people think that it is like a wet cake, many people think it is like a pho cake. The cake is rolled up, when you pick it up and eat it, you nod up and down. Eaten with nodding cake with fried fish sauce with fried chicken fat, it is very delicious.

The article has shared with you the latest Ha Long hotel room rates so that you can refer and choose when traveling to Ha Long. Delicious dishes for you to enjoy with features that only this place has. Hope you will always have a fascinating and enjoyable trip.

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