The islands in Ha Long attract tourists

Ha Long is known as the place where the landscape converges with nearly 2000 different large and small islands that make tourists fall in love and come to admire. One of them has the islands become the main tourist destination highly appreciated by many tourists. If you have the opportunity to visit the islands in Ha Long, do not miss some of these islands!

Titop Island

Owned with the name Titop because Uncle Ho and a Soviet cosmonaut named Giermantitop have set foot on this island. In order to preserve the friendship between the two countries, it was named Titop Island. Ti Top Island is located in the middle of the bay, about 8 km southeast of Bai Chay. Previously, this island was very wild and very few people visited, but now it has been put into tourism.

The island has a rather special terrain with a steep slope, a steep slope, and a fine white sand beach. At the foot of the island is a beautiful beach. If you want to get to the top of the island, be prepared to climb 400 steps. The unconventional beauty is that Titop looks like a crescent moon embracing the island. Services in the island also develop very strongly such as bars, rental swimsuits, swimwear, bathing water boils … When the summer comes, it is also Ti top when the most tourists come.

Panoramic view of Titop Island with white sand surrounded like a crescent

Quan Lan Island

Previously, in the 12th century, Vietnam’s first trading port was Quan Lan island in Van Don island district. Currently, Quan Lan belongs to the Bai Tu Long Bay population located outside the Gulf of Tonkin. The island area is about 11km2 and there are residents living on the island. With the wild beauty, the airy surrounding space has attracted thousands of visitors in each tourist season every year.

Coming to Ha Long, don’t forget to visit Quan Lan Island to drop yourself into the cool water at the beautiful Son Hao beach, Quan Lan pagoda, Nghe Quan Lan temple… Besides, you also know the source of white sand here is also the main source of white sand here. raw material for making glass. Come to this beautiful island to better understand and explore.

White sand beach on Quan Lan Island Ha Long

Co to island

Co To is an archipelago with an area of ​​​​about 47.3m2 in the east of Van Don island. Consisting of 50 large and small islands, of which 2 large islands are Co To Lon and Thanh Lan. The middle part of the islands in Co To is high surrounded by low hills and narrow fields. On Thanh Lan Island, the flora on the island is very rich and diverse, famous for being oranges, tangerines and bananas.

You can watch the sunrise on Van Chay beach, observe the sunset on Hong Van sea and admire the beauty of Co To archipelago from the extremely interesting lighthouse. It is wonderful with the feeling of setting foot on the white sand, soaking in the clear blue water to enjoy the beauty of this place. You can also admire the scenery of Bac Van, try your night squid fishing skills and eat the freshest seafood. More than 5000 residents live on the island, all visitors come here not only to enjoy the scenery, enjoy the food but also learn a lot of the unique culture of the people here.

The place is checked in by many tourists in Co To

Bo Hon Island

Bo Hon Island is surrounded by many large and small islands. Around the island, there are many famous caves such as Sung Sot cave, Luon cave, Dong Tien lake, Tien Nu cave, Trong cave… From afar, the island looks like a giant wall created by high mountains. Many cliffs stand heroically in front of nature. There are many rare species of ornamental creatures on the island such as ten thousand years old, orchid, deer, chamois, etc.

Soapnuts are a perfect picture of nature. In addition to the inherent beauty to attract tourists, it is also a place that attracts many scientists to study geology. Coming to Bo Hon island, you have been visiting beautiful scenery. Plus there is a chance to learn more about the island’s other values. All those values ​​that Bo Hon Island have been recorded in the list of the most beautiful islands in Ha Long.

Bo Hon Island

Sim Soi Island

Sim Soi Island located to the west of Ha Long was created millions of years ago with 2/3 of the area covered by feralit soil and weathered soil. The island has two peaks about 100m high in the middle of the hammock and the gentle slope to the west. On the island, there is a diverse and rich development ecosystem, the most of which are sims. Because of that, the name Soi Sim island is also derived from here.

Attracting tourists by the wild beauty, quiet space, clear blue beach, delicious fresh seafood, Sim Soi becomes a new and attractive attraction for tourists. Currently, the service system and eco-lodges on the island are also constantly building and developing strongly to serve tourists. In the future, Sim Soi Island is also aiming to become one of the islands in Ha Long as a tourist center for tourists.

Sim Soi Island with an ecosystem of mainly sims

Ha Long has been favored by nature and endowed with many beautiful places. The islands in Ha Long are also that priceless gift. If you have the opportunity to come to Ha Long, do not forget the names of these beautiful islands. One thing is for sure that you will never forget when you have an experience in these islands on the most wonderful vacation.

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