The latest Ha Long hotel booking experience

Choosing a place to rest for your travel journey is important. To have a comfortable trip and enjoy it to the fullest, you need to choose reputable and safe accommodation facilities. Do you have the idea of ​​​​wanting to travel to Ha Long this summer? You still do not have much experience in booking Ha Long hotels? Read the following article to learn more!

Some points to pay attention when booking Ha Long hotel

Whether you have been to Ha Long resort or have never been here, you should also note some room booking experiences.

Ha Long – attractive tourist destination

Choose a reputable accommodation

Currently, hotels and accommodation facilities in Ha Long are springing up like mushrooms. There are many types of accommodation to meet the needs of tourists from all over the world. You can choose to stay at motels, homestays, motels, or hotels from budget to luxury. Either way, you need to choose a reputable, safe place. Do not be greedy but choose places that are not comfortable, and the facilities are too old.

You can refer to some booking websites for hotel information. You should refer to some travel sites to see customer reviews about the service. 

Choose the right time to book

You should consider booking your hotel room about 1 month in advance for your trip. Booking in advance gives you a wide choice of rooms as well as affordable prices. Avoid booking close to the departure date because it is easy not to book the room as you want and be forced to price. You should also not choose to launch on holidays because the room rate will be very expensive.

Reviews of hotel rooms

If you book online, you should see customer reviews about the hotel. Browse the hotel through several travel sites and see customer reviews. These are essential information when you book Ha Long hotels on the online website.

Book Ha Long hotels online

Ask about the included services when booking

When booking a hotel room in Ha Long, you also need to ask carefully the accompanying services. Whether booking online or in person, it’s always a good idea to ask what benefits you get. This prevents you from using paid services without knowing it.

Negotiate room rates before booking

For high-end hotels, prices are usually listed. However, with mid-range hotels and civilians, you can negotiate for a good price. If you go in a large group, you can get a discounted rate.

Introducing the address of the most prestigious 3-star hotel in Ha Long

Among a series of 3-star hotels in Ha Long, White Crown is the leading prestigious hotel. The hotel is located at number 11, lane 17, Anh Dao street, Bai Chay, Ha Long. As a 3-star international standard hotel, White Crown brings luxury and class. If you are looking to book a prestigious Ha Long hotel, you cannot ignore this address.

White Crown Hotel Ha Long

The hotel has 45 rooms with large and small sizes to suit all customers. Design, build, decorate with modern and luxurious style. The rooms have a cool, comfortable space, fully furnished with necessary equipment.

The hotel provides free wifi, swimming pool, buffet restaurant for guests in need. Hotel staff is available 24/7 to serve customers at all times. In addition, there is a professional, punctual and dedicated airport shuttle service.

What customers say about White Crown

The 3-star White Crown hotel has welcomed millions of domestic and foreign tourists to stay. Here are a few reviews from some of our customers.

Ms. Thu Hoai commented on the White Crown

Ms. Thu Hoai said: “The hotel is new, the room is as beautiful as its name, the price is also cheap at 900k/2 nights, near the sun world at night, you can walk around 400m away. Very convenient for those who like to walk but don’t like to leave the car on the street like me, unfortunately not taking pictures of the hotel, it’s also quite quiet here, everyone.”

Jackie Nguyen shared: “I stayed one night here in a double-bed room. It was clean and quite big. The location is really good. The staff was friendly. Would recommend”

Mr. Hoang Long commented “Everything is perfect, the staff is good, the room is spacious and clean. All the necessary things were booked, the staff has good communication skills, also helped me to plan my Halong bay tour and the price was reasonable. Breakfast in the room is also provided”

After the above sharing, you can now confidently book Ha Long hotel. Choosing Ha Long as the next destination for your trip becomes more convenient. As long as you choose a hotel to sleep comfortably, you will have the most complete trip. Wish you will always have good memories in Ha Long. 

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