The most beautiful Ha Long islands that tourists cannot ignore

Ha Long Bay is surrounded by thousands of different large and small islands. Each place has its own unique beauty and pride. Among them are many Ha Long islands that have become tourist attractions. Come with us to explore the most beautiful islands here!

1. Co To Island – the charming pearl of Ha Long

Co To Island is a beautiful archipelago in the east of Van Don island district, Quang Ninh province and covers an area of ​​about 47.3 square kilometers. Previously, Co To was called Chang Son which means Chang Mountain, sparsely populated, but later on, they began to move here to do business. This place is famous for its blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine and beautiful, unspoiled scenery. The attractiveness of Co To has captivated many visitors.

The poetic beauty of Co To 

This is one of the hottest tourist destinations that many young people choose to take pictures of. Co To Island is a complex of more than 50 large and small islands such as Co To Con, Co To Lon, Thanh Lan, etc. Thanh Lan has orange hills stretching endlessly and Co To is famous for its pearls. There is nothing more wonderful than setting foot on the fine white sand, soaking in the cool blue water and enjoying the quintessence of heaven and earth.

2. The first commercial port of Vietnam – Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan Island is also a destination that you cannot ignore when you want to explore the Ha Long islands. In the past, this place concentrated a lot of trading boats and belonged to Van Don island district. However, now it belongs to Bai Tu Long population and has an area of ​​about 11km2.

The landscape on the island still retains the wild features with green and fresh nature attracting thousands of tourists. Coming to Quan Lan, you will be immersed in the cool water of the beautiful Son Hao beach and visit Quan Lan Pagoda, Duc Ong Temple, etc. The wall protects the inhabitants of the island. If you have come to Ha Long, do not forget to visit Quan Lan Island.

The beauty of Quan Lan island 

3. Ti Top Island

Ti Top is a rather special island with steep slopes and an inclined coastline with pure white sand, smooth, Like other Ha Long islands, the sea here is clear in 4 seasons, you can see all living creatures. the object is swimming at the bottom. Along with that is the beautiful, peaceful and poetic natural landscape. Ti Top is a perfect picture that nature has painted in Ha Long.

Thanks to the potential for tourism development, on Ti Top island, there are now many attractive tourist services such as bars, swimming buoy rental or water motorbike rental, parachute, etc. In the summer, Ti Top Every day welcomes a lot of tourists, mainly foreigners.

4. Bo Hon Island

Bo Hon is the most mentioned name in Ha Long islands. There are a series of large and famous caves such as Sung cave, Sot cave, Luon cave, Trong cave, Trinh Nu cave, Dong Tien lake, etc. The special feature of Bo Hon is the steep cliffs that look like a city wall. From above, you will see very majestic.

Not only has beautiful natural scenery, but Bo Hon is also favored with extremely rich flora and fauna. There are many species of trees and rare creatures such as si, ten thousand years old, orchids, monkeys, deer, chamois, etc. Surely anyone who has come here once will want to come back many times next time.

Bo Hon Island 

5. Pearl Island

This is a small, quite unspoiled island located between Hon Net Island and Phuong Hoang Island. It is isolated from the mainland and is attracting many tourists. It has seas, lakes, rivers, plains and even harbors. Although there are not many residents living here, they are very friendly and hospitable.

Coming to Ngoc Vung island, you can travel with homestays and experience a new feeling like you are on a tour to the West. You can rent bicycles from locals or rent a tuk tuk to go sightseeing around the island.

6. Soi Sim Island

This is the last Ha Long island that we would like to introduce to you. Soi Sim is located in the southwest of Ha Long with a total area of ​​8.7ha. This island is chosen by many people because of its wild features, charming scenery and clear blue beaches. From a distance, Soi Sim looks like a green pearl because it is covered with rich flora. To move to Soi Sim, you can buy a ticket or hire a private boat at Bai Chay port.

The wild beauty of Soi Sim island 

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Above are the beautiful Ha Long islands that you should visit if traveling in this beautiful bay. We hope that our sharing will be useful to you. Wish you have a happy and relaxing stay in Ha Long. 

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