The most “hot” Ha Long tourist destinations today

Ha Long is an attractive destination, attracting millions of tourists to visit every year. This place not only has beautiful nature but also modern and high-class buildings. If you want to come to Ha Long on your next vacation, do not miss this article. We will give you the “hot” Ha Long tourist destinations today.

What to bring when traveling to Ha Long?

In addition to finding attractive Ha Long tourist destinations, you also need to prepare luggage to travel. This seems simple, but sometimes it gives you a headache. What to wear and what not to bring sometimes makes you “brain balance” to choose. We would like to share the following suggestions for you to refer to when needed:


One of the indispensable things when traveling is identification. Documents include identity card or national identity card, driver’s license and passport. These are especially important documents that you definitely cannot leave at home. Proof for you to book rooms at accommodation facilities, driving license needed when you rent a self-drive car. In addition, you should also have a bank card to facilitate payment.

Necessary documents when traveling

Travel suitcase

You should buy yourself a suitcase if you intend to travel. Because the suitcase is very convenient to use during moving places. You just need to put all your belongings in it and feel free to take it anywhere. Should choose the right size, able to withstand strong impact.

Medicines and medical supplies

Certainly medication is equally important for your travel. You should prepare some medicine for stomachache or flu in case you need it. Do not forget to bring cotton, gauze. To save space, you can put them in a small backpack.


When arranging travel, you should also prepare some personal hygiene items. Includes toothpaste, brush, shower gel, and small shampoo for easy storage. Although some hotels and motels prepare these, you should also bring them. Because there is a category in the hotel you cannot use.

Electric devices

You should prepare a full phone charger or backup charger so that the phone always has enough battery to use. In addition, you can also bring small cameras to take better photos. They need to be stored in a stack of water when going to Ha Long beach to avoid water contamination.

Where to go to Ha Long to play?

Ha Long has always attracted not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists. Every year, Ha Long tourism welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world. The famous Ha Long tourist spots so far that everyone knows are: Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau Island, Ba Vang Pagoda… However, the article would like to share more the hottest Ha Long tourist spots today.

Sun World Ha Long Complex

Sun World is gradually becoming a familiar destination for tourists to Ha Long, especially young people. Located in the city center, Sun World amusement park covers an area of ​​214ha. This is a modern amusement park with many exciting, exciting and exciting games. Tourists will visit dragon park, water park, queen cable car…when coming here.

Sun World Beach

Located behind Sun World amusement park, about 1 km from Ha Long road is Sun World beach. This is an artificial beach opened for tourists when coming to Ha Long. Although the sea water is not clear, there are white sand beaches and green coconut trees creating a very attractive scene. This is the point where you can check-in and take good photos.

Sun Premier Village colorful neighborhood

Another new tourist attraction in Ha Long with free entrance is the Sun Premier Village neighborhood. Located parallel to Ha Long Street, there is a colorful road for you to enjoy “living clothes”. You will have many great pictures here.

Colorful neighborhood Sun Premier Village

Bai Tho mountain peak

This place in Ha Long is very popular with young people to take pictures to check-in. Named Bai Tho mountain on the top of the mountain, there are still poems in Chinese characters of Le Thanh Tong and Trinh Cuong. The meaning of these poems is to praise the natural beauty of Ha Long Bay. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can see Ha Long hidden in the shimmering smog.

Quang Ninh Museum

Quang Ninh Museum is located on Tran Quoc Nghien Street in Hon Gai. This is a very “hot” destination for many tourists when coming to Ha Long. With luxurious and modern architecture, Quang Ninh Museum is gradually becoming a very unique feature of this place. Just pose with the black stone building, white letters outside the museum and you have quite a few photos to show off.

Quang Ninh Museum

Which hotel should I stay in when coming to Ha Long?

If you already have a place to go in Ha Long, we will suggest you accommodation. White Crown 3-star international standard hotel at number 11, lane 17, Anh Dao street, Bai Chay. With a luxurious and aristocratic design, White Crown is definitely a comfortable resting place for you.

White Crown Hotel

The hotel consists of 45 diverse rooms, fully equipped with modern equipment to bring you the most comfort. There is also a free, on-time, professional airport shuttle service. The hotel restaurant serves buffet ready to serve you when needed.

Above are some pocket experiences when traveling to Ha Long. The most “hot” Ha Long attractions that you should not miss when coming here. Hope to give you a few more names to refer to when picking up your suitcase and going to Quang Ninh to travel. Wish you always have a happy journey. 

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