The secret to renting a cheap quality room in Ha Long

Finding a comfortable and affordable place to stay is a matter of concern for many travelers. For those who have not traveled much, this becomes even more difficult. Are you looking for a quality, reputable and cheap Ha Long room rental at this time? Confused about where to stay for your next trip? The following article will have useful information for you.

Notes when renting a quality Ha Long room

Rent a room 1-2 months in advance of travel time

If you are looking to travel to Ha Long, it is best to book a room about 1-2 months in advance. This helps you choose the right room type at the most reasonable price. You can also get a preferential rate if you rent a Ha Long room on a discount occasion. In addition, early booking allows you to take the initiative in where to sleep for your travel journey. Because in the high season, hotels in Ha Long are often “out of room”.

Find out before booking online

In the digital age, online booking on hotel sites has become popular. You just need to fill in the information on the system, a staff member will call back to confirm. You can also rent a Ha Long room at a cheap price on reputable travel sites. However, you also need to research carefully before booking. Because now many hotel establishments post beautiful photos on the website when they come back to “fall back”.

Online booking is very popular

Should rent a hotel room near the center

Traveling in a new land, unknown traffic, her car, you should choose a hotel near the center. This saves you travel time and makes it easier to move to other locations. Avoid renting hotels that are too far from the center, you will have trouble finding your way.

Moreover, hotels near the center have better service and security. You can easily find cheap eateries and shopping areas.

Do not rent a room during peak times

Visitors to Ha Long are always crowded and bustling, especially on weekends. If time is not tight, you should avoid going on these days. Renting a room in Ha Long on the weekend may be subject to an increase in price. You should arrange a time to go at the beginning or middle of the week.

Hotel room rates vary by region

The price of Ha Long room rental depends a lot on the location of the hotel. You should consider the budget for your trip to choose the right accommodation.

Hotel area along Ha Long street

Hotels in this area often have sea views and are in the 4 to 5 star category. Therefore, the price of this hotel is often higher than in other areas. In general, the price of hotels along Ha Long street ranges from 1 million or more. Prices will increase more during the holidays.

Hotels located along Ha Long Street

Naval junction area

This area has many budget motels, cheap hotels with prices from 200,000 VND/night. Prices will also increase on public holidays.

Peach garden area

This area has many hotels with moderate prices ranging from 400,000 VND/night. Prices may increase or decrease depending on the time of booking.

Logistics Area

Hotels in this area have prices ranging from 600,000 – 1,000,000 VND / night depending on the type of room and time.

Suggestions for a cheap and reputable Ha Long room rental address

Among countless hotels located in Ha Long, you still don’t know which reputable hotel to choose. We would like to recommend an address for you to consider that is the White Crown Hotel.

White Crown Hotel – international standard

The hotel is at number 11, lane 17, Anh Dao street, Bai Chay Ha Long. Located in the heart of Ha Long, very close to Bai Chay market and Sun World park.

You will have comfortable moments in one of 45 rooms with full amenities. The hotel has food service for customers when needed. Guests can eat in their room or at the hotel’s buffet restaurant.

Room at the hotel

In addition, there are a number of other accompanying utilities such as: laundry service, dry cleaning, 24/7 front desk service, fluent in many languages. There is a shuttle bus to the airport with a professional driver. , friendly. The hotel also has a large campus for free parking.

Room rates at White Crown are only from 500,000 VND/night. Prices may change from time to time. The hotel also has a lot of incentives if you book in bulk.

Above are the tips to help you rent a quality room in Ha Long at the cheapest price. Rates may change from time to time. You can find price deals on travel or hotel sites. Hope the above sharing helps you to have an easier experience in choosing a room. Wish you have a nice trip. 

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