Top 5 cheap Ha Long cruises that are most loved by many people

Ha Long tourism, have you ever tried? If you have never gone to watch the sunset on the sea, you can try a cheap Ha Long cruise to experience it once. Here are a few suggestions to help you have a memorable trip without worrying about spending money. 

Take a cheap Ha Long cruise to save money

Although everyone wants to have a wonderful, luxurious trip to enjoy all the food, drinks and scenery near and far. However, when the economy is limited, you need to save money to be able to travel when possible. Instead of looking for a tour that costs a few hundred dollars, look for a more affordable option. Let’s find out some cheap yachts in Ha Long for your reference for your next vacation. 

Taking a cheap Ha Long cruise helps you save money

Some cheap yachts are popular with many people

If you want to experience a high-class, low-cost yacht, we have some suggestions for you. With the yachts we share below, you can save up to hundreds of dollars. 

1. Annam Junks

  • Address: Ha Long Port or No. 2 Ha Long Street, Halong, Ha Long
  • Room rates from 146 USD

Annam Junks is also a remarkable low-cost Ha Long cruise . This yacht is located right on the Ha Long route, located at number 2. From the yacht, visitors can swim or take a walk at Bai Chay, visit Bai Tu Long Bay, visit Tuan Chau Island, …

Annam Junks Cruise offers many activities for visitors when organizing tours such as exploration, caving or kayaking. The food here is delicious, full of sea flavor. In particular, the interior here is made of wood material, creating a warm feeling, the cabin has air conditioning for guests to relax in the summer. Alternatively, you can relax at the minibar with tea or coffee. Annam Junks also has a very polite and thoughtful private smoking room. 

Annam Junks Cruise

2. Halong Fantasea Cruise

  • Address: Ha Long Pier, Halong, Ha Long
  • Room price: about 139 USD or more

Halong Fantasea Cruise is located in a beautiful location, close to Train Station, Bai Chay and Tuan Chau Island. From here, visitors can also visit the famous Hang Dinh Island. Halong Fantasea Cruise is a cruise that many people like to visit because it is close to many entertainment places.

This is a yacht with many outstanding and quality facilities. Halong Fantasea Cruise has an outdoor patio with many chairs for guests to rest. Each room of Halong Fantasea Cruise has a beautiful view, overlooking the sea with many facilities. 

3. Elizabeth Sails

  • Address: Bai Chay Port, Halong, Ha Long
  • Room rate: only 135 USD

Elizabeth Sails is a cheap Ha Long cruise , located at Bai Chay Port, a very convenient location and crowded with tourists. From here, visitors can visit Tuan Chau Island or go to Bai Chay to swim. The shuttle service here is free so visitors can move around without worrying about spending money. 

Elizabeth Sails Cruise is imbued with oriental culture, both mysterious, simple and warm. In-room amenities include fireplace, cable TV, etc. In addition, the yacht also offers activities in the tour such as kayaking or scuba diving, karaoke… The food here is mostly pure Vietnamese dishes such as: spring rolls, bun cha,…

The beautiful Elizabeth Sails

4. Star Light Cruise

  • Address: Opera House
  • Reference boat price: 3,300,000 VND / 1 person (Applicable for tours of 2 days – 1 night)

– Itinerary: Passengers choose 02 days – 01 night or 03 days – 02 nights

Star Light Cruise applies double bottom design technology, ensuring maximum safety for all passengers. And especially, with a sophisticated and classy design as if you were staying in a high-class hotel located right in the middle of Ha Long Bay

The boat has a total of 32 rooms, all rooms have similar design, extremely comfortable and luxurious. Notably, the double Jacuzzi tub is installed in all the rooms, where you can both relax comfortably, massage, and enjoy the view of the bay outside.

5. Bhaya Classic Cruise

Bhaya yacht has an outstanding design, skillfully combining the Asian style with the new and modern Western style, bringing harmony and sophistication. If you want to explore the mysterious beauty of Ha Long, Bhaya Classic Cruise will be the best choice. 

With a 2-day, 1-night tour, you will experience a 4-star luxury room for 1 night right on the Bhaya Classic yacht. Besides, the meals here are also very delicious and there are also countless interesting sightseeing activities such as: Discovering Surprise, walking around Vung Vieng fishing village, kayaking, …

– Reference boat price: 3,200,000 VND / 1 person (Applicable for tours of 2 days – 1 night)

Above are the top cheap Ha Long cruises that are highly appreciated by many tourists. Hope you will choose the right yacht for yourself and your family to have a memorable trip here.

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