Top 5 most beautiful and famous Ha Long tourist destinations

Are you planning to explore Ha Long in the near future, but still don’t know where to go? So let’s take a look at the most beautiful, famous and attractive Ha Long tourist destinations below. 

  1. Ha Long Bay – famous Ha Long tourist destination 

Referring to Ha Long tourist destinations, the first thing to mention is the beautiful Ha Long Bay, once recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage. Ha Long Bay with majestic beauty is always the first choice of many tourists when coming to this beautiful coastal city. Exploring Ha Long Bay, visitors will admire the beautiful landscapes, interesting masterpieces and learn about the life of the fishing village people born here. 

You can rent boats and yachts to explore each of the beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay such as: Cho Da Islet, Trong Mai Islet, Ga Choi Islet, Ti Top Beach, etc. If possible, you can rent a yacht to rest. Overnight on Ha Long Bay to admire the beautiful scenery here. In addition, kayaking is also one of the interesting experiences that many tourists love when coming to Ha Long Bay. 

Explore the beautiful Ha Long Bay

  1. Bai Chay tourist area

Bai Chay tourist area is the top entertainment destination that you should not miss when coming to Ha Long. It has the largest artificial beach in the North. Guests will be delighted to immerse themselves in the clear blue water, walk on the sand. Enjoy delicious seafood dishes and stay at luxury hotels here. 

Coming to Bai Chay tourist area, visitors can not only swim and relax but also admire the beauty of Bai Chay bridge at night, which once set a world record for span length. Go to Bai Chay night market to shop and enjoy food. Explore Sun World Halong Park and experience the Queen Cable Car, Japanese Garden, and Sun Wheel. Or go to Bai Chay old town and check-in to live virtual beautiful pictures here.

The famous Bai Chay tourist area

  1. Tuan Chau Island

The next stop when discovering Ha Long tourist attractions must be the beautiful Tuan Chau island. Tuan Chau amusement park is famous for its artificial beach with a length of 2km, visitors will be free to struggle with cool water. Stay at super luxurious villas of 5-star international standards. Not only that, Tuan Chau entertainment area also attracts visitors with the top-notch and creative water music performances. Visitors can watch performances of sea lions and dolphins. Along with many interesting activities on the beach such as: high-speed water skiing, parachute canoe… or visiting Ha Long Bay by seaplane.

The famous Tuan Chau island resort 

  1. Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay is located in the Gulf of Tonkin, including the waters of Ha Long. It consists of hundreds of large and small islands, with islands inhabited by fishermen. Not as beautiful as Ha Long Bay, coming to Bai Tu Long Bay, visitors will admire the gentle and enchanting beauty. Bai Tu Long Bay was in the top 5 best tourist destinations in Southeast Asia in 2005. 

Exploring Bai Tu Long Bay, visitors will admire hundreds of large and small islands. In which, it is necessary to mention the islands of Quan Lan, Van Don, Ngoc Vung, Ban Sen … Let’s learn about the life of the fishermen living here by farming and catching seafood. 

Admire the beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay

  1. Cua Van Fishing Village

Cua Van fishing village is a Ha Long tourist destination that is loved by many tourists among hundreds of beautiful large and small islands. Cua Van is also one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Ha Long Bay, about 10km from Tuan Chau Island. Previously, Cua Van fishing village was just a place to park raft houses, now it is invested in tourism development. Visiting Cua Van fishing village, visitors will be immersed in the peaceful scenery and clear blue water. Get to know the life of the fishermen in the fishing village, watch them row their boats, go fishing. 

The famous destination that you should not miss when coming to Cua Van is the floating cultural center of Cua Van. This is the place to keep and preserve the cultural values ​​of the people of the fishing village. To move to Cua Van fishing village, visitors must choose an overnight tour and must register in advance.

Explore Cua Van fishing village

Those are the famous Ha Long tourist destinations , attracting the most tourists today that you should not ignore. Surely you will have many memorable memories when you explore these top places and entertainment areas in Ha Long. If you still have not chosen for yourself a stopover when traveling to Ha Long. Please contact hotline 0203 3834 534 or visit HERE for advice and details about the best, cheap and beautiful hotel rooms in Ha Long. 

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