Top beautiful places to check-in Ha Long tour “fascinating people”

Over the years, Ha Long has always maintained its position on the tourist map of Vietnam. Check-in places “forgot the way back” in Ha Long are always very attractive to tourists. Below we will share the hottest virtual living places when traveling to Ha Long.

The most beautiful check-in place in Ha Long tour – Ha Long Bay

Coming to Ha Long city, you must definitely go to Ha Long Bay. This is a world natural heritage recognized by UNESCO many times. This place contains traces of the formation and development of the Earth and is the residence of the ancient Vietnamese people. Thousands of rocky islands with different shapes contribute to the vibrancy of this population.

The beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay 

Ha Long Bay also has a very diverse flora and fauna ecosystem. Majestic scenery, clear blue water is the attraction of this land. Coming here, you will not be able to help but be moved by this beautiful and unique natural wonder. Any location in Ha Long Bay will help you with artistic photos.

Quang Ninh Museum

When traveling to Ha Long, you should visit Quang Ninh museum. This is a cultural work designed in a very special and unique architectural style. This is also one of the massive architecture with the largest investment capital in the province. The museum wears a jet black color, creating an unforgettable impression on all visitors. The inside is white in stark contrast to the outside.

Since being put into use, this has become a very attractive destination attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. Thanks to its unique and strange design, Quang Ninh Museum has become the hottest check-in place in Ha Long today.

Quang Ninh Museum 

3D Funny Art Museum Ha Long

3D Funny Art Museum is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Ha Long today. There are more than 40 3D paintings with multi-dimensional effects and optical illusions on a variety of topics such as Parody, Aquarium, Adventure, and more.

Aquarium painting area is home to super cute dolphins, waterfalls, majestic scenery of Ha Long Bay. The ghost painting area will be for those who like the feeling of adventure and adventure. In this area, there are 3D paintings of ghostly, mysterious and fanciful witches. Each corner with different topics is that you can post poses to create extremely vivid virtual live photos.

Ha Long Ancient Town

Ha Long Old Quarter recreates a Hoi An right on Bai Chay ward. Coming here, you feel like you are lost in a real Hoi An because the design style of the houses and decorations are accurately simulated to every little detail. The architecture here is designed to form a small walkway for visitors, still retaining the ancient features.

Ha Long Ancient Town 

Stepping into Ha Long Old Quarter you feel like coming to a completely opposite world outside. No more noise and bustle, but instead peace and nostalgia. Coming here, visitors will enjoy a very different space. The houses are close together, lanterns are hung along the street. Handicraft stalls are also available in every corner of the street.

A special feature here is the characteristic yellow paint color. Coming here, in addition to admiring the beautiful scenery, you can also enjoy extremely unique cuisine with special dishes of Ha Long. At night, when the old town lights up, this place is even more sparkling and charming.

Sun World Ha Long Park

In the journey to discover Ha Long tour, you absolutely cannot ignore Sun World Ha Long. This place is known as the leading entertainment complex in Vietnam with a total area of ​​up to 214 hectares. The amusement park consists of 3 main subdivisions: coastal entertainment area, Ba Deo entertainment area, Dragon Park. Sun World Ha Long has many new and unprecedented games in Vietnam, this is the most attractive tourist attraction of this place.

Sun World Ha Long Park

To be able to check in to the most places here, visitors should choose a hotel in the center and easy to move. White Crown Hotel is a hotel located right in the center of Ha Long with 3-star standard. The hotel has a prime location near many famous tourist attractions, check-in such as Sun World Ha Long Park, 360km away, 6-7 minutes walk from Bai Chay bridge and the coast,…

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Above are the most beautiful and hottest check-in points today. Hope this information will help you get a lot of beautiful pictures when traveling to Ha Long. Wish you have a pleasant and comfortable trip.

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