Update information about cheap Ha Long hotel

When is the cheapest time to rent a hotel in Ha Long? You want to find a comfortable hotel, convenient for exploring Ha Long. Affordable price but high-class rooms, quality service. Read the following article for more details!

The cheapest time to travel to Ha Long

The time to go to Ha Long with the cheapest price is usually in the cold season around November-December. When the sun and heat are gone, there is a cold, cool breeze instead. This is the time when you can feel more clearly the daily life of the tourist city. During this time, Ha Long often becomes deserted, not as bustling as in the summer. This is an opportunity to feel a Ha Long without hustle and bustle.

When to rent a cheap hotel in Ha Long?

If you do not like swimming and prefer a peaceful travel space, you can choose this time. Moreover, in the cold season, renting a hotel room in Ha Long is cheaper than in the high season. Most tourists like to go to the beach, so they usually go in the summer. This is also the time when Ha Long room rates are somewhat higher than normal days.

Experience booking cheap Ha Long hotel

If you are looking to rent a cheap hotel room in Ha Long, you should pocket a few of the following experiences:

It is recommended to book 1-2 months in advance

Before traveling, you should book a room from 1 to 2 months in advance to get the best price. You follow on the fanpage of the hotel as well as on the website to get more information about the price. You may be able to hunt for a discounted room or rent a room at a discount. If you are not limited in time, you should choose to rent on weekdays instead of weekends.

Choose hotel location

It is necessary to determine the hotel area that you want to rent in accordance with your entertainment plans. You should not rent a hotel far from the city, very inconvenient for travel. If you like the sea, you can pay attention to hotels near Ha Long Bay. It is best to rent a hotel near the center, amusement park to facilitate eating and entertainment.

Choose a hotel location that is convenient for entertainment and rest

Find out more information about the hotel to book

Don’t stay in damp, old places because of cheap ham. Because now there are many accommodation establishments that do not embellish their facilities or upgrade them to take advantage of them. You can rent a cheap hotel room in Ha Long here but will not want to come back. Many establishments can use tricks to entice customers. They put the pictures on the website very nice but the actual room is far different. You should learn carefully so as not to be deceived when renting a room.

 Find a reputable, quality hotel

The selection of famous and reputable hotels is an important factor. Because this will be the place for you to rest during your travel journey. You should not choose places that are not safe and lack facilities. You will feel more tired of having fun and have no interest in traveling anymore.

Suggestions for cheap Ha Long hotel today

If you are wondering about choosing a cheap Ha Long hotel while still ensuring the quality of service, please come to White Crown. The hotel is about 37km from Cat Bi international airport, located in the heart of Ha Long city.

Inside Ha Long White Crown Hotel

With 45 rooms with diverse designs and sizes to suit the needs of many customers. Modern system, air conditioner, television, table and chairs, wifi are fully equipped for each room. The hotel is built and decorated with luxurious and classy architecture.

In addition, the hotel also brings you many other attractive facilities. There are restaurant and buffet services to serve the culinary needs of guests. Hotel staff and reception are available 24/7. The hotel also offers airport shuttle service with a professional driver.

Room rent at White Crown Hotel is only from 1,250,000 VND/night. The price will have a little difference at the time of rental. If you rent fonts in large quantities, you can receive more incentives.

Cheap Ha Long hotel room at White Crown

Now you have an address to rent the cheapest hotel room in Ha Long. With the criteria of attractiveness, comfort, luxury and class, you will surely be completely satisfied. Coming to White Crown you will have the most enjoyable experience. Having fun.

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