Update the latest Ha Long cable car fare

One of the great experiences when coming to Ha Long is the experience with the cable car route of this city. Ha Long cable car is also known as Queen cable car. The following article will introduce some features of this interesting experience to you, detailed instructions on the schedule, ticket prices for Ha Long cable car and fun attractions…

Where is Ha Long cable car? 

  • Address: 9 Ha Long, Bai Chay

Ha Long cable car belongs to Ha Long Park amusement park. To be able to visit both areas of this park complex, the only way is to use the cable car. The cable departs from Dai Duong station in Bai Chay to Sun station at the top of Ba Deo hill of Hon Gai. The cable runs through Cua Luc Bay, parallel to Bai Chay Bridge.

Queen Cable Car in Ha Long

The most special things of Ha Long cable car route

The best points of Ha Long cable car route:

This is the cable route that can carry the largest number of people in Vietnam

Designed and consulted by Doppelmayr of Austria – One of the famous cable car companies in the world. Ha Long cable car has a total length of 2,222km with 2 cable poles built with quality and safety. 

Cable has 2 cabins but can accommodate up to 230 guests per cabin. So one hour the capacity of the cable can reach 2000 guests. That’s why Ha Long cable car is recognized by Guinness as the world’s largest capacity cable. Spacious cabin with sturdy seats, handrails and handles and intelligent control system. The cabin cannot leave the station unless it receives 2 green lights. At the same time, it must be certified by internal and external technicians. With cheap Ha Long cable car ticket , you can enjoy the panoramic view of Ha Long at the lowest cost. 

Journey from Bai Chay, through Cua Luc, to the top of Ba Deo hill. The cable car gives visitors a panoramic view of Ha Long from above. Each cabin is surrounded by wide glass windows. Guests sitting inside can enjoy watching the outside scenery of the city and Ha Long Bay. Compared to yachts and seaplanes, visitors only need to spend half the amount to be able to enjoy the scenery of Ha Long by cable car.

The cable car takes you to explore famous attractions

Many experiences at the amusement park

The cable car route takes you to the top of Ba Deo where there is an attractive entertainment complex such as Japanese Garden, Mystery Castle, Sun Wheel – one of the highest wheels in the world. 

The Sun Wheel was built at an altitude of 215m above sea level. The width of this rotation is second only to the rotation of the sun at Asia Park in Da Nang.

Ha Long cable car ticket price

Reference ticket price: 

  • Adults: 350,000 VND/ticket
  • Children: 250,000 VND/ticket (1 – 1.3m)
  • Children under 1m: Free

Note: Ticket price includes: Cable car ticket, ticket to participate in the sun wheel and ticket to Ba Deo amusement park).

Price for adults: 350,000 VND / 01 ticket, children from 1 meter – 1.3 meters: 250,000 VND / 1 ticket, children under 1 meter free (The above cable price includes cable tickets, tickets to participate in the roundabout). sky, and tickets to the Ba Deo amusement park).

What services does the Ha Long cable car fare include?

What can you experience when buying Ha Long cable car tickets?

Sun Wheel 

Located on the top of Ba Deo hill at an altitude of 215m above sea level with 64 cabins. The wheel is designed and built by a Japanese corporation. Each spin lasts 15 minutes. Guests can fully enjoy the view of Ha Long from above when participating in the rotation.

Samurai slide 

At the Mystic Hill Area, the Samurai slide is the most attractive game for visitors. Especially adventurous people who like drama.

Kidoland children’s play area 

The Kidoland play area is a favorite spot for families with young children. Children can have fun with a variety of fun games such as ball house, obstacle course, or slide in the tube.

Japanese Garden – Sightseeing with typical Japanese architecture

Japanese Garden – Zen Garden is designed around the Mystical Castle. Here, guests can visit Japanese-style architecture such as Koi fish pond, Arhat conifers or Hac Tung trees, rock formations or simulate Mount Fuji…

Explore the Japanese garden when taking the Ha Long cable car

Game Arcade Zone 1st floor 

If you like modern games then Arcade Zone is the best choice. Here you can have fun with your friends with all kinds of dramatic games.

Moonlight Water Puppet Theater 

At the Moonlight Stage, visitors will experience the unique performances of water puppetry. Learn more about Vietnamese culture and life. You can watch puppetry at the following time frames: 16h – 17h -18h -19h – 20h

Bonsai house

Thanks to the hands of artisans, Bonsai House creates a peaceful, meditative space for visitors.

Where to book Queen’s cable car tickets?

You can buy tickets for Ha Long cable car online. Either buy at the counter directly or buy tickets at travel agencies and agencies. Buying tickets online at the fanpage of Sun World Halong Complex is the choice of many people because of its convenience, speed and regular update of ticket information and promotions.

Buy tickets online at Sun World’s official ticketing site

To buy tickets online, just follow these steps:

  • Visit the ticketing page
  • Select the time to use the ticket. You need to be sure of your time because once the ticket has been issued you cannot change the date.
  • Select the number of tickets you need to buy, add the tickets to the cart to proceed with the payment.
  • To buy tickets online through the website, please follow these steps:
  • Pay the ticket according to the instructions given by the page
  • After 10 minutes when the money is paid, a ticket confirmation email will be sent to your email with the ticket code.

Buy tickets directly at the amusement park

At the amusement park, there are 2 ticket counters: Dragon Park in front of the entrance and Ocean Station when you move to the cable car station. However, at peak times, buying tickets at the counter will be very time consuming due to queuing and waiting.

Buy tickets at travel agencies, hotels

To save time, you can buy tickets at agencies and travel agencies. But this way may miss out on the offers applied to tickets purchased directly. Or distributed by Sun World itself.

In addition to the reference information about Ha Long cable car fare , you can find a lot of interesting information about Ha Long tourism at our website. Please visit often for updates.

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