Update the latest ticket price to visit Ha Long

Ha Long is always an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. In addition to the world natural heritage of Ha Long Bay, there are also new attractive entertainment places. You want to go to the most attractive places in Ha Long but still don’t know all about the price. So, let’s refer to the price of tickets to visit Ha Long at some of the following outstanding destinations.

Ticket price to visit Ha Long at some attractive spots

Ha Long today has more modern and attractive amusement parks to attract young people. However, not everyone knows the specific price when coming to these points. The article would like to share some information about specific prices as follows:

Tuan Chau international amusement park

+ Ticket price: 350,000 VND/person/ticket

Tuan Chau international amusement park is an entertainment and entertainment paradise for all ages. In the push to attract visitors by the performances of dolphins, sea lions, seals… There are also crocodile circus, monkey circus, Tuan Chau water music performance. Screening 3D movies, performing music and dancing “Summer Snowfall”. Attractive, unexpected magic shows suitable for families and children.

Ticket price to visit Ha Long at Tuan Chau international amusement park

Sun World Quang Ninh amusement park

+ Ticket price for Dragon Park: Adults 350,000 VND, children (1m – 1m4) 250,000 VND, children under 1m are free.

+ Ticket price for water park (Typhoon Water Park): Adults 350,000 VND, children (1m – 1m4) 250,000 VND, children under 1m are free.

+ Ticket price for Queen’s cable car; Adults 350,000 VND, children (1m – 1m4) 250,000 VND, children under 1m are free.

Combo 3 zones: Adults 500,000 VND, children (1m-1m4) 400,000 VND, children under 1m free.

Sun World is the most luxurious and modern entertainment area in Ha Long and the North. You will have many wonderful experiences when you come here.

3D Funny Art Museum Ha Long

+ Ticket price: 80,000 VND/person

3D Museum of Funny Art has more than 40 3D paintings with themes: Parody, Aquarium, Animals, adventure. Many young people have come here to take pictures with multi-dimensional effects, optical illusions. Aquarium painting area has mischievous dolphins, fierce crocodiles, waterfalls, whirlpools. The classical painting area has pictures of Monalisa, a young girl. The ghost painting area has images of ghostly witches.

Ticket price to visit Ha Long at 3D Funny Art Ha Long museum

Quang Ninh Museum

Ticket price: + Children: 10,000 VND/time

+ Students, students: 15,000/time

+ Adults: 30,000/time

Quang Ninh Museum is now very popular with tourists to visit and take pictures to check-in. Inspired by coal, Quang Ninh museum is a unique work of art. The entire exterior of the museum is covered with black stone, with white text, creating a luxurious and modern beauty. Quang Ninh Museum is now a destination not to be missed by tourists.

Tourist spots open to visitors free of charge to visit Ha Long

In addition to the above destinations, we also share a few places that are open to visitors for free.

Bai Chay Old Town

Bai Chay Old Town is the number 1 hangout place and also a favorite check-in address for young people. The Old Town was built based on the idea of ​​Hanoi Old Quarter and Hoi An Ancient Town. The old town is newly built, so there is no sign of the old times. However, Bai Chay old town brings a modern and vibrant feeling on the ancient space.

Bai Chay Old Town

Ha Long Flower Park is located right in the city center, nestled next to Ha Long Bay. The park becomes a collective activity point of Ha Long people. This is also an entertainment and sightseeing spot for many tourists coming to Ha Long. There is an exhibition of colorful flowers here. The air is fresh and cool. On weekends, there are bands coming here to serve visitors.

Ha Long Flower Park

The park is located right in the city center, next to Ha Long Bay. This place has fresh air, cool, is a place to play and live for locals and tourists. The park has a spacious and airy space suitable for nourishing and exercising activities… There are often colorful flower exhibitions here. On weekends, there are often street bands coming to exchange, serving tourists and the masses.

Ha Long Night Market

Ha Long night market is a crowded and bustling place, the market usually opens at 6pm until all customers are gone. Coming here, you will be overwhelmed by the stalls with a multitude of diverse items. You can enjoy shopping for fashion items, jewelry, souvenirs… The market also has eateries and stalls selling fresh seafood. You can immediately enjoy Ha Long specialties and buy them as gifts for your loved ones. 

Convenient hotel to attractive entertainment spots

To be able to visit most of the above attractive destinations, you should choose a hotel located in the center of Ha Long. We would like to recommend a 3-star hotel, meeting international standards White Crown. The hotel is located in the heart of Ha Long, very close to the amusement and entertainment areas. You can comfortably go to crowded and bustling entertainment venues.

With a luxurious, modern and aristocratic design, this is a quality vacation spot for your trip. There are different types of room sizes to suit a variety of guests’ needs. Each room has full facilities (table and chair, wardrobe, high-speed wifi, ..) to bring comfort.

Room at White Crown Hotel

The accompanying services here also make you really satisfied. You can dine at the hotel’s restaurant if required. Hotel staff on duty 24/7 are ready to serve you. In addition, the hotel also has an airport shuttle when guests need it.

Above are the ticket prices to visit Ha Long at attractive new attractions. Ticket prices will have many incentives at certain times. You can find out more at the official websites of these destinations. Or you can search for discounted fares at other travel websites. Hope you will always have happy memories in Ha Long Quang Ninh.

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