What is the most beautiful season to travel to Ha Long beach, without storms?

To have a perfect Ha Long beach trip and fully explore, you should also determine the right time for the trip. So when is the best time to travel to Ha Long, swim in the sea and have fun? Please refer to the following article. 

Weather characteristics in Ha Long   

Before answering the question when it is beautiful to travel to Ha Long beach , you also need to find out what the weather characteristics of Ha Long are like. Ha Long is located in the Gulf of Tonkin, with four distinct seasons. Each season has its own weather characteristics, suitable for each visitor’s experience. Therefore, learning the weather of each season will help you determine the most suitable time to explore Ha Long Bay.   

Spring (February to April) 

Spring in Ha Long has a lot of fog, high humidity can make visitors feel uncomfortable. However, in return with the cloudy scenery will be the ideal time to admire each beautiful cloud. This is also the time to coincide with the Lunar New Year, so the number of tourists is also quieter and quieter. 

When Ha Long is around March, fog often appears in the early morning. Not suitable for kayaking, bathing because it is easy to catch a cold. If you travel to Ha Long at this time, you will enjoy the quiet atmosphere. And no longer worry about crowded scenes. 

Spring Ha Long tourism

Summer (May to August)

Summer Ha Long beach tourism is suitable for tourists who want to participate in water entertainment. At this time, Ha Long has clear blue sky and cool climate, suitable for swimming and playing. However, you should note that this is the peak tourist season in Ha Long, so service prices are often high. Especially during the period from June to July, hotels in Ha Long are always full. 

Summer travel to Ha Long

Autumn (September – November)

At this time, the number of domestic tourists to Ha Long decreased. But foreign tourists are on the rise. At this time, the climate in Ha Long is cool, not hot and the sun is not too harsh. At this time, visitors can swim in the cool Ha Long beach. So you can travel to Ha Long at this romantic time, beautiful scenery. 

Ha Long tourism in autumn

Winter (from December to next year)

Traveling to Ha Long beach in winter, the weather is cold and dry, not suitable for swimming. Therefore, at this time, the number of tourists to Ha Long is usually very empty. However, if you travel to Ha Long at this time, you will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. In particular, winter is also the time when Ha Long fishermen catch fish. If you come to Ha Long in winter, you will have the opportunity to learn about the fishing scene of fishermen in the fishing village. 

Winter Ha Long tourism

When is the best season to travel to Ha Long beach?

Through the information on understanding the tourism characteristics of Ha Long above, it shows. You can travel to Ha Long at any time of the year. If you want to swim, feel free to participate in recreational games and have children with you. You should go in the summer. This time coincides with the children’s summer vacation and the sunny weather is suitable for swimming. 

If you are traveling for a family vacation and honeymoon, autumn is the best time to travel to Ha Long. It has cool, pleasant weather and reasonable prices. If you want a cheap price, you can travel to Ha Long in winter. 

What is the best season to travel to Ha Long?

Should you stay at a hotel when traveling to Ha Long beach?

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