Where to eat, where to go to Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area?

Quang Ninh has always been an attractive destination for thousands and millions of domestic and foreign tourists. Referring to Quang Ninh, visitors will immediately think of Ha Long Bay – a world natural heritage. However, this place also has another prominent place, which is Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area. If you are going to Tuan Chau, read this article to get more information. 

The ideal time to visit Tuan Chau Ha Long resort

If you are planning to come to Tuan Chau, you should choose the time from late April to October. At this time, the atmosphere in Tuan Chau is very suitable for swimming in combination with tourist activities. This is the golden time of Tuan Chau Ha Long tourism in the year. Weekends are usually crowded with tourists. You should also not choose to go on holidays to avoid crowded situations and expensive prices.

What to play at Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area?

Coming to Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area, you will be overwhelmed with this entertainment complex. The most exciting and attractive places here include:

Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area

The mysterious house in Tuan Chau

The mysterious house is located right next to Thuy Cung Lake and the Holiday Villa hotel is a very attractive destination. The house is modeled after the shape of the ancient citadel. From the outside, there is no sign of the spookiness like in the movies. But when you step inside, you will feel the horror of the underworld.

Tuan Chau Crocodile Performance Club

The club is located at the main gate close to the beach of Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area. It can accommodate more than 1,000 people. The club is like a spaceship with many compartments. The owners of this ship are crocodiles in the African swamp.

Club showing dolphins, seals, sea lions

The club building has an area of ​​10,000 m² and can accommodate 2,500 people. This is the project with the most classy stainless steel frame dome system in Southeast Asia.

Dolphin show in Tuan Chau

Water music performance palace

One point that should not be missed is the Tuan Chau water music show with an area of ​​​​2.5ha. This is a wide lake bed carved deep among the green pine hills next to the coast. The architecture of the performance palace resembles a giant scallop. Inside are sparkling gems.

Outdoor entertainment area

Running along the length of Tuan Chau beach, the amusement park has an area of ​​​​about 5 hectares. This is an amusement complex with a harmonious combination of architecture and natural landscape.

What to eat at Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area?

Delicious, attractive dishes that all diners when coming to Tuan Chau must mention such as:

Ha Long squid cake

The dish is considered a specialty of the beautiful and vibrant city of Ha Long. Grilled squid is often fried and served with vermicelli or sticky rice, it is very delicious. You can also eat with raw vegetables which is also very attractive.


Sa Sung is also a dish that is very popular with diners. Sauteed sago with lemongrass chili, steamed or grilled sassafras are all very strange and extremely delicious. However, wormwood is often expensive. To catch them, people have to dig deep in the sand under the sea.

Fancy delicious food in Ha Long

Sea Sam

Sam is everywhere, but only sam in Ha Long is so delicious and special. Sam is processed in many different ways such as grilled, steamed or cooked porridge… Either way, sam in Ha Long has a flavor that only in Ha Long.

Where to go to Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area?

There are many accommodation facilities for you to choose from in the chain of hotels, motels and resorts in Ha Long. However, we recommend the 3-star White Crown hotel located in the heart of Ha Long. The hotel is very close to Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area. It will only take you a little time to be able to visit Tuan Chau.

The hotel has a luxurious, modern and noble design. With diverse rooms to meet all the needs of customers. The rooms are arranged reasonably, airy to create a feeling of relaxation for customers. In the launch, all necessary equipment is prepared. You will feel extremely comfortable while staying here.

White Crown Hotel

In addition, the hotel also has quality services attached. The hotel’s restaurant has a buffet to serve guests with food needs. 24/7 lobby staff ready to advise and serve. The hotel has shuttle service at the airport, pier when guests need it. You will be completely satisfied when experiencing the service at White Crown.

Above is the information to share about Tuan Chau Ha Long tourist area. You have more places to eat and relax in Tuan Chau. Ha Long tourism in Quang Ninh always has a great attraction for tourists. What are you waiting for without planning to come here for the upcoming holiday? Hope you will have another trip to Ha Long with many meaningful experiences.

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