Which area is the best price for booking a hotel in Ha Long?

Which area to book hotel in Ha Long near attractions, reasonable price? If you still do not know where to stay when traveling to Ha Long in the near future, then please refer to the suggestions below.

Which area to book hotel in Ha Long?

Which area to book hotel in Ha Long ? Hotels in Ha Long are concentrated in three main areas: Hon Gai, Bai Chay and yacht charter. Depending on the purpose and financial ability of each person, you can choose a suitable resting place. 

Bai Chay area

In general, the price of hotel rooms in Bai Chay area has the advantage of being near Ha Long Bay, so the price is usually quite high. The average price is 600,000 VND, if in the peak season the lowest is from 800,000 VND/night or 1.5 million VND. In case visitors do not book a room in advance, the room price can be up to 2-3 million VND per night. Not to mention the case where the number of guests is so crowded on the holidays that the hotel in Ha Long is always “out of room”. 

The period from April to July is the peak season in Ha Long, the price increases 3-4 times a weekday depending on the type. In return, most of the hotels in Bai Chay area have sea view, luxurious interior. 

Bai Chay area has many beautiful hotels

Hon Gai area

Hon Gai is also an ideal area to book a hotel in Ha Long . Hotel prices in Hon Gai area are cheaper than in Bai Chay. Room rates range from 300,000 VND / night or expensive, only about 500,000 VND – 600,000 VND / night. Only thing is that if you rent a hotel room in Hon Gai area, it will not be convenient for you to move. Most of the tourist attractions in Ha Long are concentrated in Bai Chay area. Therefore, if you book a room in Hon Gai area, you will lose an extra travel cost. There is an advantage when booking in Hon Gai area that is, there are many cheap restaurants. 

Sleeping on the boat on the bay 

One of the most interesting experiences when traveling to Ha Long is sleeping on a boat on the bay. There are many types of ships from cheap, affordable to luxurious, you can rent separately or combine ships. When choosing to sleep on a boat on Ha Long Bay, you will be able to go squid fishing, swim at night, and enjoy the beautiful scenery from the deck. 

To book an overnight train in Ha Long you must book in advance, the 3-star type is the most popular. The price for renting a sleeping boat ranges from 1.5 to 2 million VND/person or more. One thing to note when renting a sleeper boat in Ha Long is that you need to see the weather forecast in advance. 

Rent a yacht to travel to Ha Long

Suggest some famous hotels to stay in Ha Long

To book a hotel in Ha Long, you can refer to some suggestions below:

White Crown Hotel

  • No 11, Alley 17, Anh Dao Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City
  • Room rates range from: 600,000 VND/night

If you are looking for a 3-star hotel in Ha Long, then White Crown Hotel is the number 1 address for you. From the hotel to Bai Chay pier only 2.5km, Dragon Park 480m, Sun World Ha Long 360m, Bai Chay beach about 2.8km… This is a newly built hotel in Ha Long, impressive with luxurious design and homey. 

White Crown Hotel offers many types of rooms for you to choose from: family room, Deluxe Double Room, double twin 1 bedroom city view, double or twin room 1 bedroom city view, room assigned on arrival… This is also a 3-star hotel. Ha Long has the most attractive price, only from 600,000 VND / night. Contact for reservation by phone number 0203 3834 534 

White Crown Hotel is a favorite hotel in Ha Long

La Dolce Vita

  • Address: Loc Vung Tower 1-15, Bai Chay, Ha Long 
  • Room rates range from: 1.8 million VND/night

La Dolce Vita Hotel is located in the center of Ha Long, with 50 rooms equipped with all amenities. The outstanding facilities of this hotel include free wifi, toiletries, wardrobe, bar, garden, 24-hour front desk.

Dragon Legend Hotel

  • Address: Group 9, Zone 9, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long
  • Room rates range from: 3.5 million VND/night

Dragon Legend Hotel is located about 9km from Tuan Chau peninsula, very close to famous places in Ha Long. The hotel is built with European architecture, including many types of rooms equipped with modern amenities for you to choose from. 

Golden Palm HaLong Hotel

  • Address: A66-67 Tuan Chau, Ha Long 
  • Room price fluctuates: 2.4 million VND/night

Golden Palm HaLong Hotel is a 3-star hotel with 30 rooms with luxurious amenities. The hotel is located in Tuan Chau area, very convenient for sightseeing and swimming. 

SeaStar Hotel

  • Address: No. 8 Phan Chu Tranh Street, Bai Chay, Ha Long 
  • Price fluctuates: 1.5 million VND/night

SeaStar Hotel has a spacious garden, planted with many trees to bring fresh and cool air. This hotel also offers free, spacious parking, a bar and a restaurant. The rooms at SeaStar Hotel are spaciously designed, with a nice balcony and full amenities. 

So, when you read this far, you already know where to book a hotel in Ha Long ? Hopefully, the information shared above will help you easily choose the right destination for you. 

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